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    QUESTION IncrediblePBX 13-13 can't login to GUI when changing admin-pw-change error

    Enter new admin password (MAKE IT SECURE!!): 123456789 admin password will be changed to: 123456789 Press ENTER key to continue or Ctrl-C to abort... mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. ERROR 1406 (22001) at line 1: Data too long for column...
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    NO JOY 3cx + Incredible PBX 13 hybrid trunking

    I am trying to set up a hybrid PBX at my home using a 3CX server and an Incredible PBX 13 server. I am halfway there. 3CX is able to dial thru the Incredible PBX trunk to extensions on the Asterisk side. I just can't get it working in the other direction. When I use an Asterisk extension to dial...
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    BUG IncrediblePBX 13.13 VMware in full TLS mode?

    I would like to get help finding instructions for enabling TLS and SRTP for extensions and PBX to PBX trunks. Long time ago I somehow managed to manually configure stand alone asterisk. Should the same steps be followed or there is UI support here?
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    QUESTION Issue with superfecta in Incrediblepbx11-Issabel4

    Hi all, Not happy to leave my PIAF3 old server for new updated one with issabel4. I followed this Ward tutorial : My server is working great and fast with no firewall issue : thanks to Ward Travelin’ Man 3 Firewall. But have small issue with cid superfecta...