1. Chris Gicale

    SOLVED IVR between two PBX

    Good day, I have just created a main IVR that will receive from our main office pbx, playing the announcement I have the option to "press 2" to pass the call in the branch office pbx, and will then play the branch IVR message. Main and branch office pbx is connected thru IAX2. I just don't...
  2. Chris Gicale

    QUESTION Setting-up IAX to use high bandwidth

    Good day, I'd like to setup my IAX2 trunk between two PABX to use high bandwidth, since I'm running a point-to-point link. Is configuring bandwidth=high will address my need? Where I can possibly enter that command? Appreciate any response. Regards, Chris
  3. Chris Gicale

    RECOMMENDATIONS Interoffice connection using IAX2

    Good day! I have successfully established our Head Office PABX and Branch Office PABX using IAX2. Our offices has a point-to-point 20Mbps leased line. The 20Mbps is designed for data and voice traffic. May I know what should I consider to modify if we're running 5-10 calls simultaneously thru...
  4. Chris Gicale

    SOLVED Unable to call extension to extension between two Elastix

    Guys, Our company has two office, Head Office (HO) and Site Office (SO). Our network is connected thorugh domestic leased line (point-to-point). One Elastix 2.4 is located and functional in HO. And, we would like to establish another Elastix server, which is version 2.5 in our Site Office, to...