1. anomaly0617

    TIPS Hylafax not delivering to AvantFax automatically

    Hi all!, I've got a PBX In A Flash Server with IncrediblePBX running. Here's the versions straight off the status screen at the console: CentOS v7 x64 Asterisk 13.20.0 Incredible On this particular server, I have two IAX extensions that accept faxes from the outside world on...
  2. A

    TIPS 16-15 Inbound Route - where is Fax Recipient Destination?

    I'm setting up a new machine to replace my PIAF Green PBX. I have Centos 7 and 16-15 set up on a local machine. I'm trying to set my first inbound route, and 'Fax Recipient' is no longer a a valid destination. I have my own incoming fax line directed to Hylafax on my current machine - and I...
  3. A

    QUESTION Direct Fax to Extension?

    I'm on a PIAF Green system. I have AvantFax/Hylafax installed. It works perfectly. What it won't do, however, is email a recipient based on the number called. I have 2 DIDs for faxing; one is mine and another belongs to a friend. I'd like those faxes to be forwarded without intervention...
  4. S

    TIPS IncrediblePBX 13 & HylaFax & AvantFax

    I couldn't find anywhere else to ask these, I saw somewhere else to just ask them here. So if they are in fact in the wrong place, please feel free to move it there. If I am wrong at any point in this post, please forgive me, I am new to Fax over VoIP. I have a fresh install of IncrediblePBX...
  5. K

    SOLVED Problem Sending Fax

    Latest build of Incredible 13-13 (Full) on CentoOS 7. I was able to get past the first error trying to send a fax from the AvantFax GUI. This involved modifying the host file for hylafax (localhost / to the top). Now I'm getting this message when I attach a file (TXT) and try to use a...
  6. R

    TIPS Poor outgoing PDF fax quality with Hylafx/Avantfax.

    Hey there- I managed to get faxing setup on my new Incredible PBX for Rasbian install. I have a Comcast business ISP and am using VoIP.ms for SIP Trunking. My initial testing faxes are unfortunately of such poor quality that I don't think I will be able to use this system as is. I'm curious what...
  7. A

    NO JOY Hylafax won't answer line

    Suddenly, my Hylafax line doesn't answer. Background - while trying the command line 'sendfax' I found the /MediaBox error was popping up, so I googled to try to find a fix. I don't *think* I made any changes to any config files. I did a Clonezilla backup and then ended up restoring the same...
  8. chris_c_

    SOLVED faxgetty fails. rc.local fails to provide path to ttyIAX0 thru 3.

    Github issue : https://github.com/EspaceNetworks/IncrediblePBXCentOS7/issues/12 Run rc.local and you get no such file or directory error as bash fails to find faxgetty at /usr/sbin/. ~$ /etc/rc.local /etc/rc.local: line 17: /usr/sbin/faxgetty: No such file or directory /etc/rc.local: line 18...
  9. chris_c_

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT email to fax. incrediblefax11.sh

    Using install scripts: IncrediblePBX13-12R-OAUTH.sh, incrediblefax11.sh OS: CentOS 7 i686 Question: Isn't the incrediblefax11.sh script supposed to configure the email-to-fax capability of HylaFAX+ ? If not, why not. What is Email to Fax: You send an email, with one or more documents...
  10. chris_c_

    BUG System crontab error causes Hylafax hourly job to fail.

    https://github.com/EspaceNetworks/IncrediblePBXCentOS7/issues/10 Summary: Hylafax integration is a key feature of ipbx, hylafax depends on this hourly cron to run error-free, so, this bug must be fixed, high priority.
  11. MacNix

    QUESTION IncredibleFax - modify delivery address?

    Two IncredibleFax questions. I've got an installed IncredibleFax/incrediblePBX system...It's all working properly. The faxes are currently being received. Is there a way to have it EMAIL those faxes? Is there a way to add email notification to hylafax process (ie., so I get an email...
  12. P

    SOLVED Fax email routing based on DID not working (IncrediblePi 3.11.12)

    I've set up an IncrediblePi 3.11.12 B+ box with multiple GV accounts. For each GV DID, I want to use FaxDispatch to deliver faxes as pdfs to an email address determined by the called number. Multiple searches all say that $(EXTEN) in the iaxmodem dial plan (forgive me if my terminology is off)...