1. Hal_1

    FYI Incredible on Alpharacks

    I’ve installed Incredible PBX a number of times and never had a problem like this: I am Hosted on Alpharacks and they have added the 1gb swap drive [[email protected] ~]# ./create-swapfile-DO 1048576+0 records in 1048576+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 7.59614 s, 141 MB/s mkswap...
  2. M

    TIPS Help needed - Incredible PBX for Raspberry Pi 3B

    Help Needed. I just installed the latest IncrediblePBX 13.13-7 for the RaspberryPi, with all of the updates. I have not made any manual changes to GVsip1. Google Voice is working, and a couple of extensions as well. I can't get the Vitelity inbound route to work. Vitelity Outbound works, the...
  3. P

    FYI Incredible PBX help

    Hi Complete novice here Just setting up the hiformance incredible PBX with a gvsip and it's showing that the detailed status is "disconnected" and Buddies: Removed for Debugging Purposes Any ideas what's the issue? Thanks
  4. jamesmcmuffin

    NO JOY PJSIP TCP Transport Shutdown Every 5 Seconds.

    I've been having an issue with getting TCP working over my PjSip extensions what happens is when i connect my Endpoint. The Endpoint goes Reachable but than not even maybe 4 seconds it goes Unreachable. Ive troubleshooted in many ways such as. I've tried to take the sonicwall out of my network...
  5. C

    DEAL Needed: PBX Savvy Individual for Hire -Zip code routing

    Not sure if hiring members for help is allowed on this forum. Apologies if this is against the terms. However, we need a way to route calls by zip code. Caller dials toll free number, greeted with prompt to enter zip code (5 digits), then based on that entry is routed to an external number...
  6. P

    DEAL Looking for paid help on VM install, config & testing SOHO

    Hi, I have previous basic knowledge of trixbox/elastix VOIP installation/configuration/implementation, but somehow am not able to get aVM installation running on my ESXi 6 box, let alone configure it. Who can help me set up a working ESXi 6 VM of IncrediblePBX Wazo SOHO solution and help me...
  7. K

    TRY THIS Moving Wazo to New Server

    Hey everyone, I've searched all over and can't find a solution to move my Wazo build from DO to Vultr. Can someone explain or point to a guide on how to save everything and move it over to a new host. Thanks
  8. T

    QUESTION how do I run setup?

    [email protected]:~ $ help-pbx PBX in a Flash Help Menu - Page 1 Menu 2.1.1 released on 122912 ******************************************************************************** * Command * Description *...
  9. B

    QUESTION How do I diagnose why my Simonics GV Gateway Trunk

    Incredible PBX 3.12.11 for Raspberry PI B+ Asterisk version 11.11.0 Free PBX version Problem: I am using the Simonics Google Voice Gateway as a SIP trunk to my PIAF. 3 out of 4 calls are going to Google Voice Mail. I have watched the traffic from the Simonics Gateway to my PIAF...
  10. Earl Kelly


    Hello all, I'm a noob to these forums and I want to thank you for your approval. Secondly I have been having issue with the Digium Addon's in PIAF. Specifically the DPMA I've used PIAF many times and this weekend when doing an install the digium Addon's in the module admin said they...
  11. J

    QUESTION Provisioning Polycom phones

    I am trying to provision Polycom phones, IP 501, IP 300, IP 550 and IP 650 with no luck. IP 550 is receiving all details via web GUI but when go to make a call it displays "URL Calling is disabled". Anybody got any ideas? I am using Incredible PBX 12.0.70 Asterisk 13.9.1 I have the PBX on a...
  12. P

    QUESTION Active Calls and Channels

    Hi All, I have a weird issue where I'm seeing lots of active calls and channels in use but no one is logged into the system and no actual calls are being made. FreePBX Statistics Total active calls 2 Internal calls 0 External calls 0 Total active channels 2 FreePBX Connections IP Phones Online...
  13. J

    QUESTION How can I get PIAF-Green to receive Faxes?

    I set up an inbound route and pointed a did to it. I set it to receive faxes.
  14. P

    NO JOY Cannot make incoming calls from non-SIP devices

    Hello, I am able to make out-going calls to the real world(non-sip phones) and am able to call extensions with software SIP programs but I am not able to make incoming calls. I would say that devices that aren't registered to my PBX will not be able to have incoming calls For example, if I...
  15. J

    TIPS Vitelity Trunk, Outbound route "All Circuits are busy right now"

    I finally got my inbound route to work but my outgoing route is registering but i get the "all circuits are busy now". Any ideas? Please advise. Thanks in advance Jose Casares
  16. J

    TIPS Not able to access Web GUI

    I installed PIAF 11-11.2 with Asterisk 11.21.2 Incredible GUI i did the /root/admin-pw-change but I am not able to reach server. Any ideas or suggestions?
  17. A

    QUESTION Help! Cannot get Piaf-Green to establish connection to eth0

    Help! Cannot get Piaf-Green to establish connection to eth0 in virtualbox. Is there something I'm missing? a line I've forgot in a config file somewhere? On the status screen I get N/A under eth 1/2 and wlan0 What should I do? Thanks, Atlantic Another link to image...
  18. T

    TIPS Help - My new Raspberry Pi 2 B install went crazy! (Cry!)

    :banghead: Been running PIAF for years without a hitch on a small PC. Trying to do a Raspberry PI install and it messes up constantly. Using a SanDisk Ultra 32gb and following instructions per Page 14787 (Incredible 13.12.3). Installs but get a fatal at startup but it loads and goes to a...