TIPS If your GVSIP Google Voice trunk starts reporting congestion

    ...try a "fwconsole restart" before you take a sledgehammer to your box or bother tweaking your settings. On a mildly fresh install of the incredible pbx 13 and the GVSIP / NAF fork running asterisk 13.22, everything was rolling smoothly, until suddenly the GVSIP1 trunk was reporting...
  2. J

    TIPS Google Voice support in 3CX and PIAF5

    Can anyone tell me if the new gvsip is supported in piaf5? If it is can you point me to instructions to set it up? If it isn’t can you tell me if there is any plans to support it in the future?
  3. V

    ALERT GVSIP Is Dead, was: GVSIP Registration Issues. Asterisk 13.23.0 Seems To Fix The Problem.

    Hi, I have noticed all GVSIP calls started failing some time today, August 14, 2018. Incoming calls also did not go through. Verified all registrations, see below: <Registration/ServerURI..............................> <Auth..........> <Status.......>...
  4. wardmundy

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Replacing Simonics with GVSIP Gateways

    Bill Simon has indicated that he plans to shut down his Simonics-GoogleVoice gateway whenever Google pulls the plug on XMPP. Some trunks already are not working properly at least for us. It occurs to me that we really need an independent way for folks to set up their own Google Voice gateways...
  5. A

    TIPS cannot get GVSIP on RPi 3 to work

    Hi, I followed the instructions on how to install the GVSIP on a Pi3 , it didn't throw any errors during the installation, but after the installation I cannot the the Obi device in the legacy google voice settings. I tried the procedure with an old, with google chat, and a new voice account...
  6. E

    QUESTION Does VitalPBX for Virtualbox contain GVSIP?

    First, how do I make a comment on nerdvittles? I posted a comment, but it doesn't show up. Maybe it is moderated? My question was if the Virtualbox image "VitalPBX" (http://nerdvittles.com/?p=25575) contains the latest GVSIP functionality as described here: http://nerdvittles.com/?p=26285. If...
  7. X

    GOOD NEWS GVSIP-NAF with Ubuntu

    I do not see a way to format things as code and nobody likes unformatted text mixed with code, so I just dropped it in pastebin: https://pastebin.com/36azPQn0 Inbound calls are ringing then being picked up by googles voicemail and outbound calls while monitoring the asterisk CLI appear to be...