1. wardmundy

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Replacing Simonics with GVSIP Gateways

    Bill Simon has indicated that he plans to shut down his Simonics-GoogleVoice gateway whenever Google pulls the plug on XMPP. Some trunks already are not working properly at least for us. It occurs to me that we really need an independent way for folks to set up their own Google Voice gateways...
  2. amygrant

    TIPS Multi-tenant XiVO + GVoice

    Due to the great work done by others integrating gvoice into xivo,I started playing around with a multi-tenant xivo setup. I love the "entities" aspect of xivo. It is very intuitive and works great for tenancy. Out of the box, the piaf xivo iso lets me get up and running with a multi-tenant...
  3. B

    QUESTION How do I diagnose why my Simonics GV Gateway Trunk

    Incredible PBX 3.12.11 for Raspberry PI B+ Asterisk version 11.11.0 Free PBX version Problem: I am using the Simonics Google Voice Gateway as a SIP trunk to my PIAF. 3 out of 4 calls are going to Google Voice Mail. I have watched the traffic from the Simonics Gateway to my PIAF...
  4. wardmundy

    TUTORIAL Free International VoIP Calling with Asterisk

    Today on Nerd Vittles... Four Months in Paradise: Free International VoIP Calling From Your Cellphone