1. jamesmcmuffin

    NO JOY PJSIP TCP Transport Shutdown Every 5 Seconds.

    I've been having an issue with getting TCP working over my PjSip extensions what happens is when i connect my Endpoint. The Endpoint goes Reachable but than not even maybe 4 seconds it goes Unreachable. Ive troubleshooted in many ways such as. I've tried to take the sonicwall out of my network...
  2. J

    TIPS Linux firewall Rules in Webmin

    Hello again, I just compared the "Lean" and "Enchilada" FreePBX instances in Webmin and it looks like the IP addresses for all the SIP Trunk providers are missing in the Enchilada version. The trunks do show in FreePBX but no IP addresses in Linux Firewall rules in Webmin. They rules are...
  3. wardmundy

    PIONEERS Issabel 4 Pioneers: Asterisk 13

    For those awaiting Incredible PBX support for the new January build of Issabel 4 with Asterisk 13, we've got a weekend project for you. 1. Begin by downloading and installing the January 2018 release of Issabel 4 with Asterisk 13. 2. Issue the following commands to install Incredible PBX 13...
  4. wardmundy

    PIONEERS Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware

    We are pleased to introduce Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware servers including the free ESXi platform. Using the IncrediblePBX-13.13.ova image, you can build Incredible PBX 13-13-LEAN from the latest Asterisk 13 source in about 15 minutes. Or you can use the IncrediblePBX- image...
  5. John Squared

    FYI FreePBX 14

    Is it possible to migrate from FreePBX 14 to IncrediblePBX?
  6. wardmundy

    RECOMMENDATIONS Incredible PBX 13 Multi-Tenant

    Just testing the waters as to whether there would be any interest in a commercial (true) multi-tenant module for Incredible PBX 13? Installation would be included. If you're interested, please fill out the survey below:
  7. J

    TIPS Incredible PBX 13 not good anymore?

    Hello, I had numerous installs on CentOS 6 with Incredible PBX 13 and most of them were trouble free up untill recently. For some reason even with clean installs I have lots of problems with it right after it finishes installing. I'll list some here: PBX breaks after few months with recording...
  8. B

    TIPS Update Path PIAF 3on Raspberry Pi 2?

    Current install IncrediblePBX 13-12.3 for RaspberryPi 2 FreePBX 12.0.70 / IncredibleGUI 12.0.30 Asterisk 13.6.0 Raspbian Wheezy Is there any supported / recommended update path (on the same maschine (Raspberry Pi 2)) to update all at once or independently from Raspbian 7 to Raspbian 8 (i.e...
  9. N

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT allow incoming calls to ring indefinitely if no extension is available

    I am trying to just monitor incoming calls (via the AMI interface) on Incredible/FreePBX. There are no VOIP-Extensions configured. Essentially, what I'm looking for is incoming route, that should NOT DO ANYTHING other than allow incoming calls to ring, but I could not find any such...
  10. chris_c_

    PIONEERS Upgrade IPBX13 to FreePBX 13

    The button to upgrade to stable FreePBX 13 GUI from inside Incredible PBX (FreePBX 12 GUI) appears to be missing. :eek: Why it's missing is anyone's guess. :idea: Has anyone done this manual upgrade (below) from 12 to 13 from inside FreePBX ? 1. Please post your results - did it work. 2...
  11. chris_c_

    TIPS How to turn off the joke sounds in asterisk

    Sorry if this a FAQ. Can't find this asked anywhere. Is there a switch to option to turn off the joke sounds in asterisk, such as "Comedian Mail" and this type of play on words silly humor. Many people surely like the jokes. However, sometimes you want and need, a normal sounding generic pbx...