1. A

    QUESTION Direct Fax to Extension?

    I'm on a PIAF Green system. I have AvantFax/Hylafax installed. It works perfectly. What it won't do, however, is email a recipient based on the number called. I have 2 DIDs for faxing; one is mine and another belongs to a friend. I'd like those faxes to be forwarded without intervention...
  2. O

    Incredible Fax not receiving faxes

    I'm having issues receiving faxes with Incredible Fax on 13-13.3 for Scientific Linux. When someone sends a fax one of the ttyIAX modems go from [idle] to [Receiving Fax], but then nothing happens. I can send faxes without issue. When I call the fax number, the call picks up but the call is...
  3. R

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT DiD to Email Faxing using IncredibleFAX

    Perhaps I am making it more complicated than it is. I am attempting to use the Incredible PBX 13.13 Enchilada OVA. This system is intended to be strictly for FAX. I need to take a series of dedicated DiD numbers, when a fax comes in from a DiD it will have a corresponding email address that the...
  4. R

    TIPS Poor outgoing PDF fax quality with Hylafx/Avantfax.

    Hey there- I managed to get faxing setup on my new Incredible PBX for Rasbian install. I have a Comcast business ISP and am using VoIP.ms for SIP Trunking. My initial testing faxes are unfortunately of such poor quality that I don't think I will be able to use this system as is. I'm curious what...
  5. A

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Would like to implement email to fax

    My PBX: PIAF Installed Version = under *HARDWARE* │ │ FreePBX Version = │ │ Running Asterisk Version = 11.10.0 │ │ Asterisk Source Version = 11.10.0...
  6. J

    NO JOY Fax Corrupted

    Wazo 17.05 Any faxes received on our wonderful Wazo system are now corrupted in some fashion and we can't open them with any PDF tools. log "FULL" is showing that the system handled the fax: pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:3] AGI("SIP/cent_888-00000023"...
  7. B

    TIPS Schmooze Commercial Modules & Incredible PBX...

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at building a "Commercial" fax server, and I'd like to use incrediblepbx to do it. My limited understanding in that the fax capabilities that come standard with the incrediblefax11 install only support one fax account. (i.e., I can only have incoming faxes forwarded...
  8. chris_c_

    SOLVED faxgetty fails. rc.local fails to provide path to ttyIAX0 thru 3.

    Github issue : https://github.com/EspaceNetworks/IncrediblePBXCentOS7/issues/12 Run rc.local and you get no such file or directory error as bash fails to find faxgetty at /usr/sbin/. ~$ /etc/rc.local /etc/rc.local: line 17: /usr/sbin/faxgetty: No such file or directory /etc/rc.local: line 18...
  9. chris_c_

    FYI CentOS No FAX modules detected. res_fax_spandsp.so missing

    The following error message appears, when you enter into the Extension application, and either create a new extension, or Edit and existing extension. ERROR: No FAX modules detected! Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated. This module requires Fax for Asterisk (res_fax_digium.so) or spandsp...
  10. G

    TIPS Missing Avantfax Icon and Access

    After successfully installing a “Certified Incredible Build” which can be referenced here: http://pbxinaflash.com/community/threads/certified-incredible-builds-for-asterisk.17636/#post-113906 ...the only problem I am having occurred after running the included fax installer. I can’t access...
  11. G

    SOLVED Installing FAX

    I’ve just successfully installed CentOS 7 and Incredible PBX from the instructions at http://nerdvittles.com/?p=14208 and used the prescribed command line of "wget http://incrediblepbx.com/incrediblepbx13-12.2-centos.tar.gz". Everything is up and running properly. Now I would like to install fax...
  12. ChiefGyk

    NO JOY Avantfax not letting me log in

    So I set up a fresh CentOS VPS with IncrediblePBX, but Avantfax is not letting me log in on any browser with the new password I made. CentOS 6.7 VPS on Digital Ocean w/ IncrediblePBX 13
  13. D

    TUTORIAL AvantFAX Install Fix

    Well, I am posting this as much for me in the future as to possibly help someone on the forum. I have had a persistent problem with the 13.2 ISO / cloud install and IncredibleFax. I have various posts in the forums regarding my difficulties. With the help of others, I have a working fresh...
  14. J

    QUESTION How can I get PIAF-Green to receive Faxes?

    I set up an inbound route and pointed a did to it. I set it to receive faxes.
  15. P

    NO JOY Faxing on Raspbx 2

    Hello guys! I need some help in regards to setting up faxing on my rapsbx2. I have a raspi 2 model b running Incredible pbx 4.11.4 on asterisk 11.17.0. I don't have an incrediblefax script on my root directory, so that's about as far as I can get :( Thanks for all your help
  16. MikeD

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Fax over Voip works for me, how about you?

    A couple of years ago, I tried fax over voip with a number of providers and nothing worked well. Ultimately every attempt was fraught with fax compatibility issues (basically a failure to negotiate line speed). For the last couple of months, I have been enjoying trouble free service using an...
  17. A

    BUG Faxes Not Delivered As PDFs

    Hello, We recently deployed IncrediblePBX 11 on 64-bit CentOS 7 and are having an odd issue. Faxes are coming in as TIFF files when they should be PDF. As far as we can tell, the configuration is good. Under the fax settings for the extension we set the Attachment Format to PDF, yet they...
  18. Ramblin

    Install Lean IncredPBX on CentOS 6.7 with FAX ?

    I do not want all the additional applications that come with IncrediblePBX, specifically I do not want the Google Voice application and setup, but I DO want the core IncrediblePBX setup and I want to add a couple of things (like Webmin and FAX) on top of my (clean) CentOS 6.7 - minimal install -...
  19. P

    SOLVED Fax email routing based on DID not working (IncrediblePi 3.11.12)

    I've set up an IncrediblePi 3.11.12 B+ box with multiple GV accounts. For each GV DID, I want to use FaxDispatch to deliver faxes as pdfs to an email address determined by the called number. Multiple searches all say that $(EXTEN) in the iaxmodem dial plan (forgive me if my terminology is off)...
  20. erth64net

    TIPS Any using t38modem?

    The existing iaxmodem option just isn't working for me (primary provider: Teliax), despite having an excellent, low latency & minimal jitter, broadband connection. Instead of using Teliax's SIP trunks (as their support has indicated no definite T38 support; faxing is best-effort only), I'm...