1. K

    SOLVED Changing the default interface

    I am running Incredible PBX CentOS 6.9 on a Open VZ host on HIFormance or at least I am trying to run Incredible PBX. I have been trying to get knockd working, but every time I try to active knockd, it fails because it can't access the interface (eth0). My virtual interface is venet0:0 and...
  2. J

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Very Confused - What system is being recommended?!?

    I keep track of the NerdVittles website pretty frequently and have noticed over the last few months that the website is now promoting a few different systems and 'flavors of those systems'.. Xivo, issabel, 3CX. While it is great to have options - it is very confusing for me (at least). I have a...
  3. DragonHawk

    SOLVED PiaF5 no system recordings/sound

    Hi guys, Got an interesting one here. I'm in the process of spinning up PiaF5 on Amazon to evaluate as a replacement for my aging IPBX 12 install.I tried uploading my voicemail message file (in the correct format, I even re-encoded it to be sure) and all I get is dead air when trying to play...
  4. wardmundy

    GOOD NEWS What Do You Get For 92¢

    Since July, virtually all of our XiVO software development and support has been in the Vultr Cloud. With over 90 hours logged, we thought the financial investment might be of interest. Give it a try with XiVO while you still get $20 of free service. That goes a long, long way!