1. chris_c_

    QUESTION In place upgrade IPBX and Asterisk

    Question for the Devs, Pioneers, the Adventurous, the Crazy Ones, those who "Think Different".... In your opinion: Are there any brittle version dependencies between IPBX (freepbx) php web portal, and asterisk? Details: IPBX (freepbx) PHP web portal 12.0.70. asterisk 13.22.0. 1. Should you be...
  2. T

    SOLVED how do I install alpine? (pine)

    How do I install alpine? [email protected]:/ $ [email protected]:/ $ yum search alpine Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * extras: * updates: Warning: No matches found for...
  3. T

    FYI which version am I running?

    from the CLI how do I know which version I'm running?
  4. T

    QUESTION how do I run setup?

    [email protected]:~ $ help-pbx PBX in a Flash Help Menu - Page 1 Menu 2.1.1 released on 122912 ******************************************************************************** * Command * Description *...
  5. madman2

    QUESTION CallerID Not working

    Ok I've a new PIAF install, it's all working hunky dory, all modules updated and 3 POTS lines 8 extensions all fine. Making calls and ....... CallerID not working. This build is one I've done to update my VERY old Trixbox (freePBX v 2.2.3) install which coughed yesterday and I've manually...