1. B

    TIPS OSS Endpoint Manager for Cisco

    I'm trying to use the OSS Endpoint Manager for my Cisco phones. While I've got it to generate the config files, I'm struggling to edit the templates to set things like Time Zone. No matter where I try to change the time zone for the phone, the config file is created with...
  2. W

    QUESTION why PJSIP registered with port 10XX?

    I installed Incredible PBX 13 on HiFormance So it come with public IP. sip phone(cisco 7960) is behind NAT when release "pjsip show endpoints" in asterisk, I see this Endpoint: 1008/1008 Not in use 0 of inf InAuth: 1008-auth/1008...
  3. J

    QUESTION Cisco XML tag

    Hi, I've just migrated around 100 cisco 7906G and 7911G to asterisk without major issues. Great for me! But... now that the phones are working, I see that one of the features that some of my users use, is not active. Does enyone here know what is the xml line I need to add so that I have the...
  4. J

    QUESTION Provisioning Cisco IP7960's on Incredible PBX

    Hi there, I am running an Incredible PBX server and want to provision 7 Cisco IP 7960 phones, Can I provision them without t*f*t*p? If so How? and if not, how do I run t*f*t*p on Incredible PBX 12.0.70, Incredible GUI 12.0.30, and running Asterisk 13.9.1. Using Vitelity Trunks.
  5. C

    QUESTION SPA504G configuration

    say I have extension 100 with Incredible PBX, how do I provision it to my SPA504G in my house? PBX is hosted in a Digital Ocean droplet on Ubuntu 14.04. I keep trying to set it up and keep receiving that it's not registered. This was a phone we used prior for a company using Elastix + CentOS in...
  6. Y

    QUESTION 7970 "401 Unauthorized" - Phone not registering

    Hi, First of all I'd like to thank this community, a lot of useful information. I know that 7970 is considerably problematic phone w/ PIAF, but I got one and I really want to get it working. It took some time to get it to work. Tried 20 XML files combination till I managed to make one that...
  7. J

    QUESTION Cisco SPA303 provisioning with PIAF

    Can anybody help me connect a Cisco SPA303 to my PIAF server running on a virtual server. Thanks in advance. Phone is in a DHCP at my home. Virtual Server is with Digital Ocean on a static IP. Jose C.
  8. A

    TUTORIAL SIP Phones on VOICE Vlan via LLDP

    Hi All, Just wanted to share something that made my voice network setup a bit more elegant. You know how Cisco phones are put on a voice vlan automatically via SWITCHPORT VOICE VLAN #? We can achieve the same behavior with non-Cisco phones that support LLDP on the phone and switch sides. That...
  9. Jerrod Belvin

    GO HERE Cisco 7970 XML HELP

    Hello, New to converting phones over..... Bought Cisco 7970 SIP programmed phones. Does anyone have the Zip files to convert these phones? Or the correct XML files? I dont want to end up with paperwieghts.... We were going to purchase the FreePBX Endpoint manager but that shows unsupported...