1. chris_c_

    BUG bug in this forum xenforo

    Have you noticed. When you're in reading a thread on this forum, which is running xenforo forum software, the browser runs a javascript which says on the Firefox status bar "Loading facebook.com..." about every 5 seconds, in an infinite loop. This makes the browser very noticeably slow and...
  2. chris_c_

    BUG Yahoo NV Weather app (949) speaks XML code!

    Just got the speech-recog.agi script to successfully call the Speech API, the instructions were outdated or had a significant error in them, as I posted the fix just now on the thread with the original instructions. Tried out the first thing that uses the Speech API... the NV Yahoo Weather app...
  3. chris_c_

    FYI CentOS No FAX modules detected. res_fax_spandsp.so missing

    The following error message appears, when you enter into the Extension application, and either create a new extension, or Edit and existing extension. ERROR: No FAX modules detected! Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated. This module requires Fax for Asterisk (res_fax_digium.so) or spandsp...
  4. chris_c_

    BUG System crontab error causes Hylafax hourly job to fail.

    https://github.com/EspaceNetworks/IncrediblePBXCentOS7/issues/10 Summary: Hylafax integration is a key feature of ipbx, hylafax depends on this hourly cron to run error-free, so, this bug must be fixed, high priority.
  5. B

    TIPS What Happened to Lenny?

    Setup: Incredible PBX 13 ISO on a VPS. Asterisk 13.6.0, Free PBX 12. Using default dialplan, Lenny worked for a while, but now no longer does. It seems to ring, then it goes busy. Dial string in Freepbx for the 53669 extension is SIP/[email protected] Any suggestions?