1. J

    NEED MORE INFO New PIAF install-can't register extermal phone

    Hello fellow VOIP enthusiasts. I've been free PBX user for a long time and I slowly want to migrate all my production PBXs to PIAF. But first I have to learn the tricks in this distro. I have few PIAF VMs at home and they all work great. Yesterday I installed a PIAF on a Cload-At-Cost CentOS VM...
  2. hostile

    FYI Can't login ssh after new install, all ports blocked

    Hi, I am new to Incredible pbx. Not new to linux tho. My prob is, I installed it both on Ubuntu 14 and Centos I went okay, at the end server rebooted and I logged in, it check for updates, I hit enter a,d after that Unable to login anymore, had to delee server from panel, Happened twice...