1. M

    QUESTION Incredible PBX 12.0.74 'Incredible GUI'

    I have the following symptom If I dial a non local number I always get the number announced in my headset before it is being dialed, how can I chnage this behaviour? Thanks for helping Martin
  2. drmurdoch

    Asterisk: Voicemails not saving, users cannot log into their voicemails,

    I had this symptom. People were calling and leaving messages, but they were not saving to voicemail. Also, when trying to login to check voicemails, it would allow you to login but just kick you out immediately. I googled "Asterisk voicemails not saving" and this came up...
  3. shetu

    SUGGESTIONS Asterisk do not start

    I have Incredible PBX 13-13.7 for Ubuntu 18.04 on Vmware 7. It was running fine. Today I move to esxi 5.5 and Ubuntu network card ens33 change to enp0s17.I get ip from dhcp by this command "dhclient" on enp0s17 but Asterisk do not start. [email protected]:/var/run/asterisk# /etc/init.d/asterisk status ●...
  4. M

    TIPS Help needed - Incredible PBX for Raspberry Pi 3B

    Help Needed. I just installed the latest IncrediblePBX 13.13-7 for the RaspberryPi, with all of the updates. I have not made any manual changes to GVsip1. Google Voice is working, and a couple of extensions as well. I can't get the Vitelity inbound route to work. Vitelity Outbound works, the...
  5. jamesmcmuffin

    NO JOY PJSIP TCP Transport Shutdown Every 5 Seconds.

    I've been having an issue with getting TCP working over my PjSip extensions what happens is when i connect my Endpoint. The Endpoint goes Reachable but than not even maybe 4 seconds it goes Unreachable. Ive troubleshooted in many ways such as. I've tried to take the sonicwall out of my network...
  6. wardmundy

    NEWS FLASH Trying Out a Facebook-Like Platform

    We're trying out a new Facebook-like platform called MeWe to see if it might work for the VoIP community. Come join us.
  7. wardmundy

    PIONEERS Issabel 4 Pioneers: Asterisk 13

    For those awaiting Incredible PBX support for the new January build of Issabel 4 with Asterisk 13, we've got a weekend project for you. 1. Begin by downloading and installing the January 2018 release of Issabel 4 with Asterisk 13. 2. Issue the following commands to install Incredible PBX 13...
  8. wardmundy

    PIONEERS Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware

    We are pleased to introduce Incredible PBX 13-13 for VMware servers including the free ESXi platform. Using the IncrediblePBX-13.13.ova image, you can build Incredible PBX 13-13-LEAN from the latest Asterisk 13 source in about 15 minutes. Or you can use the IncrediblePBX- image...
  9. A

    GO HERE asterisk not restating on reboot, status command not working

    Hello. Running Incredible pbx/fax 13-12.3 for cent os 6.7 on a digital ocean droplet for the past year, no problems. I just deleted an old fqdn using del-acct, and as iptables was restarting fail2ban seemed to hang. Upon reboot asterisk did not start on its own, I had to manually start with...
  10. J

    NEED MORE INFO Asterisk not running on Incredible PBX 14 WAZO

    I just installed Incredible PBX 14 WAZO, Asterisk is Down, did I do something wrong?
  11. EcstaticMark

    QUESTION Caller Not Getting My 200 OK

    I'm losing sleep over this, so here goes. Short version: I can't answer inbound calls to my trunk's DIDs, but CAN answer calls on the same trunk to my ported DID. Asterisk Ver. 13.6.0, Incredible PBX 12.0.74. 1 Digium Trunk with 2 lines. 234-521-xxx1 and 234-521-xxx2. One 1 line, my home number...
  12. chris_c_

    BUG Post logs when UCP crashes asterisk on centos 7

    @wardmundy You mentioned UCP crashed your asterisk on centos 7, could you post the logs from that... possibly dmesg freepbx or asterisk error logs
  13. Albert S

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT Auto Configure IP and Save Settings at boot

    Hi guys, I am firing up PIAF boxes from pre-build images. But once they are booted for the first time, under Asterisk SIP Settings, they have the IP information of the original PBX took the image from. I'd like to click, or trigger the "Auto Configure" and "Apply Config" buttons. However I...
  14. C

    QUESTION Asterisk logs into

    Hello, I have a setup of Asterisk with Elastix(v4) installed succeffully, working like a charm. In the intranet we have another server where we host our CRM program (works on MS SQL). I am looking for a way to insert the CDR logs/info from asterisk into the CRM DB so the CRM can make use of...
  15. J

    QUESTION Provisioning Cisco IP7960's on Incredible PBX

    Hi there, I am running an Incredible PBX server and want to provision 7 Cisco IP 7960 phones, Can I provision them without t*f*t*p? If so How? and if not, how do I run t*f*t*p on Incredible PBX 12.0.70, Incredible GUI 12.0.30, and running Asterisk 13.9.1. Using Vitelity Trunks.
  16. T

    QUESTION Outbound Trunk - Cannot hear other party

    Hi there, PBXIAF with IncrediblePBX on Centos was a very simple process to setup, but I'm somehow struggling to figure out a small issue. I've tried many combinations of NAT, Firewall, etc. but no luck so far. I'm trying to setup Twilio Elastic SIP as my trunk provider and for the most part...
  17. F

    BUG cannot find /usr/lib64/ asterisk

    On a FRESH CentOS 7 Updated VM (esxi), I run the follow and asterisk doesn't seem to get installed. wget tar zxvf incrediblepbx* ./IncrediblePBX* Everything else seems fine, even status shows Asterisk UP, but the command...
  18. ChiefGyk

    TRY THIS Can't install on Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

    Hello all I keep running into an issue everytime I try to install incrediblepbx per this guide here as well as trying with version 11, and it keeps getting stuck at the same exact part of the installation on a fresh digital ocean VPS. I keep coming up with tar...
  19. Quentin Vandermerwe

    QUESTION Upgrading Asterisk in Incrediblepbx 13-12

    Hi, I recently installed IncrediblePBX on a DigitalOcean droplet, using incrediblepbx13-12.2-ubuntu14.tar.gz, to replace an older PIAF PBX instance. After setting up trunks and extensions, I ran into a problem where a call routed from another IncredibplePBX instance to this one via IAX would...
  20. wardmundy

    TUTORIAL Free International VoIP Calling with Asterisk

    Today on Nerd Vittles... Four Months in Paradise: Free International VoIP Calling From Your Cellphone