1. C

    Corporate Shared Phone Book Frustration: What do you do?

    Hi All, So I'm rather frustrated with the state of the shared corporate phone book. I've never been able to just get this right. I've tried various flavors of Xivo\Wazo and Asterisk over the years It seems to me after 2 days of research, I'm limited to: -LDAP (Complicated and laborious to...
  2. shetu

    NEED MORE INFO First time try Nerd Vittles AsteriDex

    Hello I never use AsteriDex. So I can not figure it how to use and configure this? I change callboth.php username admin to root. 1. How do i configure it for custom out band dial route by prefix 2. How do i import contact list from csv? Can I dial phone number from outlook express contact page?
  3. wardmundy

    PIONEERS SMS Toolkit for Incredible PBX

    We're putting the finishing touches on a new SMS interface to Incredible PBX using SMS-enabled DIDs from Vitelity and The idea is you can send an SMS message to your server, and it will call you back or perform the task you requested. If you'd like to try it out from your smartphone...
  4. S

    TIPS asteridex for conference line dialing

    I am running Incredible PBX for quite a while now. I am looking for a solution that will allow me to dial a phone number, wait a few seconds, dial an extension, wait a few second, dial a code... So for example dial 18005551212 wait 1 second and enter extension number 111 wait another 2 seconds...