1. C


    I am looking for an install script for a2billing for incrediblepbx on a Raspberry pi 3b, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. E

    GV AUTH2 issue

    https://www.googleapis.com/auth/googletalk doesnt exist anymore By the way, please make new build with A2Billing
  3. sirdotcom

    QUIRK a2billing hanging up on access numbers

    Hi, I recently reinstalled Incredible PBX 13 on CentOS and am setting up a2billing. I'm having a very odd problem ... if I dial into a2billing.agi from a SIP phone with an account, it works fine. But using any of my 5 access numbers it just hangs up. I pasted the log here...
  4. Robert.Thompson

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT A2Billing questions...

    Hello: Is there a way to add A2Billing to my DigitalOcean pbx: Incredible PBX 11.17.1 for Ubuntu 14 RAM: 114588 "Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS" Disk: Asterisk 11.21.2 FreePBX I have many other questions about it but there is no point asking if A2Billing can't be installed. Thanks...
  5. hostile

    TUTORIAL A2Billing

    Hi it here any instructions how to install A2Billing I tried few from googles but fail thx