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Using the FreePBX 12 GitHub Module Repository with Incredible PBX GUI 1.01

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Installing GPL Modules from FreePBX 12 GitHub Module Repo into Incredible PBX GUI

Prerequisites: Before this will work satisfactorily with FreePBX 12 modules, you must first disable module signature checking as documented in this tutorial. This script only works with FreePBX 12 GPL modules in the FreePBX GitHub repository. Never run your server without a working firewall.

Warnings: We express no opinion as to whether any given module in the GitHub Module Repo will break the Incredible PBX GUI permanently. You are well advised to test any module updates on a non-production server BEFORE adding them to a server that really matters. Modules in the Incredible PBX repository are tested before being added. Any testing of these GitHub modules was done by "others." You've been warned!

1. Review the available GPL modules available in the FreePBX GitHub Repo

2. Once you identify the module(s) desired, write down their names, e.g. backup.

3. Unzip the attached file onto your Mac or Linux machine.

4. Run the script once for each GPL version 12 module you wish to download:
./gpldownload modulename
5. The script will create modulename.tar.gz in the default directory. Move these tarballs to your desktop computer.

6. Open Incredible PBX GUI with a browser and select Admin -> Module Admin -> Upload Modules

7. Change Type to Upload (from Hard Disk). Choose File. Click Open. Click Upload.

8. Once module uploads successfully, enable the module by clicking on local module administration link. Find the module in your list of installed modules and enable it.

9. Clean up the nasty error messages from FreePBX: gui-fix