Send SMS Messages with 2016-11-3 UPDATE

This tutorial will show you how to send SMS messages from PIAF CLI using

  1. wardmundy
    Here's a quick-and-dirty command line script to send SMS messages using a DID that is SMS-capable and SMS-enabled.


    1. account with at least one DID that is SMS-capable (cellphone icon appears beside the DID number).


    2. SMS-capable DID has been enabled for SMS use. Also configure SMS messaging with a destination email and/or forwarding SMS number to receive replies from the SMS messages you generate. Click on Manage DIDs in the portal and then Edit DID:


    3. API has been enabled with a secure password AND the IP address of the server from which you will be sending SMS messages.


    1. Download and unzip the tarball from the command line ONLY on your server (the link above is out of date):
    tar zxvf voipms-SMS.tar.gz
    2. Edit class.voipms.php and insert your account name (email address format) and your API password (generated above).

    Edit voipms.sms.php and insert the 10-digit SMSsender DID for outbound messages. This must be an SMS-enabled DID on your account! It is the number to which replies will be delivered.


    From the command line, issue the following command including a 10-digit recipient number and an SMS message in quotes.
    ./voipms-sms.php 6781234567 "This is a test message."

    SMS messaging is currently free. has indicated that there will be a penny a message fee beginning probably in July, 2014. Still free as of Dec. 28, 2014.