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Removing FreePBX 12 Module Signature Checking 12.0.2

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Because of the alarmist messages that accompany the Module Signature Checking component in FreePBX 12 and because version 12 of the Incredible PBX GUI provides enhanced security with its kernel-based firewall and preconfigured IPtables WhiteList, we wanted to provide an optional resource for those that wish to permanently disable Module Signature Checking with version 12 of the Incredible PBX GUI.

The methodology for this modification was first documented by Kevin Slonka on the FreePBX Forum. We've further embellished it to remove ALL signature checking. Be advised that, if you add an additional module with a missing module.sig file, you still will get a one-time (harmless) alert that the module.sig file is missing. Alternative is to add your own module.sig file with any contents you like since it won't be checked anyway.

CAUTION: For those using stock FreePBX 12 (not Incredible PBX 12 GUI!), we do not recommend removing module signature checking as there is no firewall protection in place.

To install the patch, DO NOT USE DOWNLOAD NOW BUTTON above! Instead, log into your server as root and issue the following commands:
cd /root
tar zxvf GPG-patch.tar.gz
rm -f GPG-patch.tar.gz
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