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Monitor your PBX using Zabbix 2.0

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The zip file contains a tar.gz, an XML file and pdf with complete instructions including pictures.

This will install Zabbix onto the PBX and allow it to monitor itself.
It will monitor the machine itself and asterisk.
Graphs will be available for your viewing and historical information will be kept.

For a home installation, it might be way overkill, for a production PBX I'm sure many will look into it and add monitored items on top of the initial selection provided here. If not... well I tried.

I played with this on a test PIAF, but I will confirm and adjust for it to function on FreePBX distro too. Not tested yet since I accidentally destroyed my test FreePBX distro VM, bad naming...
(I use the same setup on the distro, I just haven't tested the install procedures shown here.)

Will update if people point flaws.

If people can't devise uninstall instructions from the install script.
Let me know and I'll gladly provide uninstall instructions if someone needs them.

**This is for centos 6**
**If you want it for centos 5, it's possible let me know**
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  1. New version to correct some bugs

    Generalized the script a bit for multiple zabbix version. Also to make sure server and agent...