Cisco 7900 Series Tutorial v1.1

Tutorial to use Cisco series handsets on Asterisk (originally developed for Raspberry Pi)

  1. snarpatroid
    Part One

    I have received a lot of help from a lot of people with configuring my Cisco 7941's with IncrediblePi so I wanted to put together a few things I have learned along the way in the hope this will be helpful to others. Although the...
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Recent Reviews

  1. TristanS
    Excellent report, but unfortunately I can't get my 7941 working.
    The line keys are updated, locals are ok, but it keeps saying "Registering" forever.

    When I replace "USECALLMANAGER" by the server IP, he registration succeeds, but the presence functions aren't available of course.

    TCP is enabled, I'm using RASPBX.
    I would appreciate any suggestions to get this working.
    1. snarpatroid
      Author's Response
      As you've discovered, you need to do the presence patch to get all the funky features on your line keys. Delighted my resource is still proving its worth after all this time, my 7941's are going strong here and they still beat the quality of many IP handsets to this day.
  2. anthony rubio
    anthony rubio
    awsome can you help me? i can't figure this out I'm newbie
    1. snarpatroid
      Author's Response
      How far have you got and what problems are you having?
  3. Nallchan
    Much appreciate the detail - ill be attempting this in the next few days
  4. wardmundy
    Very nice!