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  1. PBX in a Flash
    Linux PBX Made Easy

With PBX in a flash, you'll have a high-performance turnkey PBX that's easy to upgrade. Once you have your system installed, you'll have a fully functional server with the latest Debian Linux operating system, plus 3CX Phone System V16. 3CX V16 is a complete unified communications platform which includes desktop clients for Windows and Mac and smartphone clients for iOS and Android. You’ll also have video conferencing for all users. PBXinaflash is easy to install - IP Phones, Trunks and gateways will be automatically configured. But What really separates PBX in a Flash 5 from the competition is its painless upgradeability and management! The underlying Debian operating system can be automatically updated, as well as 3CX V16. You can install PBXinaflash 5.5 in a virtual machine, directly onto hardware, or run it in the cloud using for example Google Cloud or OVH.

Getting Started with PBX in a Flash 5.5

  • Download & Install the PBX in a Flash 5.5 ISO
  • Get your free 3CX License key by completing this form
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • Now point your browser to the IP address of your server and run the configuration tool.
  • Next, setup your PBX using this guide.
  • Or follow the step by step setting up a Linux PBX guide

  • Learn more by reading our admin manual or attend our webinars.