Running PBX in a Flash as a Virtual Machine

And It's Still a Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine

If you don't have a spare computer sitting around to dedicate to PBX in a Flash and you'd just like to experiment a bit, then running PBX in a Flash as a virtual machine on your existing Windows, Mac, or Linux Desktop may be just the ticket. From download to functioning system takes less than 5 minutes! Our tutorials are provided in links below. Each will walk you through getting everything set up. Just follow the steps. We don't generally recommend a desktop Virtual Machine setup for a production machine because a software-based PBX tends to be processor intensive. But it's certainly an excellent way to learn about the technology and see if it meets your needs.

Virtual Machine Alternatives

For our true pioneers, we've just introduced PIAF-Purple and PIAF-Green, Incredible PBX, and Incredible Fax for Amazon EC2. These builds feature the latest LTS (long-term support) versions of Asterisk. You'll find the Incredible PBX 10 install instructions here.


As with the standard PBX in a Flash install, you'll need a working Internet connection on your Desktop system to complete the install. We recommend dual-core processors and at least 30GB of free disk space plus 2GB of RAM, 1GB of which can be dedicated to PBX in a Flash. You'll also want at least a 1024x768 resolution monitor so that you have ample workspace for PBX in a Flash and your other applications.

PBX in a Flash runs equally well as a virtual machine on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Solaris desktop.