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PBX in a Flash - The Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine

Step 1: Please review our Primer on Asterisk Security. It's the best collection of money-saving ideas you'll find! It would have saved one poor fellow over $100,000.

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Step 3: Proceed with your download below and then review our extensive documentation.

PBX in a Flash Downloads from SourceForge:

PBX in a Flash Torrents

PBX in a Flash for Existing CentOS Servers

PBX in a Flash Virtual Machine Modules

PBX in a Flash Source Code

Source code for most of the installed PBX in a Flash system is available on your local hard disk when the installation is completed. The remaining source for components installed as part of the PBX in a Flash distribution is available at the link below to reduce the size of the initial download.

NOTES: With major new releases, sometimes our download sites get swamped. HINT: Unless you're flat broke, our $5 download sites are always an option and feature virtually unlimited bandwidth for downloads. It's actually located on the Internet backbone in Southern California. Once you complete the download, you can email the download link to a friend at no additional charge. We also strongly recommend the torrent downloads. Oftentimes, download speeds using BitTorrent far exceed those using HTTP or FTP file transfer protocols.