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TIPS What's a good router for PIAF?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Dale Fredrikson, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. nightstryke

    nightstryke Member

    Yet again, this is why I use my own system (Untangle.)
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  2. quintont

    quintont New Member

    My ISP just gave me a new modem - http://smartrg.com/products/products/sr350n/ - all phones connect to the pbx but can't make/receive calls. No dial tone. Putting one of the extensions on the DMZ does nothing. Yet, I have my Samsung S3 with zoiper app make and receive calls fine over wifi fine via the same modem.
    Running Travellin Man 3 / PIAF Green / RentPBX.com
    Any ideas?
  3. rossiv

    rossiv Guru

    What kind of phones are you using, quintont ?
  4. atsak

    atsak Guru

    I wonder if it's polycom? I have had trouble with multiple polycom's behind routers other than Tomato . . .
  5. quintont

    quintont New Member

    Hi - thanks for the response. - yes, I'm running polycom 320 phones. Going to try to plug in my old grandstream 2000 now. The Polycom's were running fine on the old modem. (took it back to the isp so I don't know the model).
  6. quintont

    quintont New Member

    No luck with the Grandstream. It does get further, and connects, but no sound. Still on the DMZ. Samsung S3 still working fine.
  7. rjaiswal

    rjaiswal Moderator

    Couple of questions... Do you have nat=yes on your extensions? And in the asterisk cli, when you do a sip show peers, do you see your external address or the phones internal address?
  8. atsak

    atsak Guru

    You can probably fix this by buying an inexpensive router and loading Tomato (the ASUS RT16 or something); the Polycom's will work behind that. Put the SmartRG into bridge mode. You can likely make it work with the Smart but it might take a lot of work / time. Might not be worth it.
  9. Hyksos

    Hyksos Guru

    Nobody realized it but the OP has hijacked a thread and not just any thread... This does not belong here... at all...
    Just saying...
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  10. quintont

    quintont New Member

    Hyksos - The thread, 'What's a good router for PIAF' is within the General Discussion category, which is what we're doing - generally discussing. I agree that perhaps now that its been established that the SmartRG is not a good router that the discussion could be taken elsewhere, although you make no suggestion of where to take that post, nor any constructive comment on the SmartRG. You've done the virtual equivalent of walking into a meeting, saying "you're all full of crap", and walking out again. Thank you to all who have provided input. I'm going shopping for a new box. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the SmartRG to work for my fixed line phones, I'd like to learn more. I'll be trying the suggestions above and if there's no progress, will move on to new hardware. Thanks again.
  11. Hyksos

    Hyksos Guru

    You feel attacked for nothing, you should have started a thread that's all I'm saying. It belongs in a new thread specific to your specific question, that's all.

    You're generally discussing your specific issue, not generally discussing good routers for PIAF.
    Check the answers/questions you got, help for your question, you would be better served in your own thread under "Help" with a subject line like the name of your new modem...
    Any of those guys would have told you it should go in a new thread, they just wanted to help so much that they didn't realize it this time.

    But that's an opinion and it's mine you can disagree without feeling attacked.
    It's like if I entered a meeting room and said you're all full of crap cuz you're sitting in the janitor's office! and then... I left.
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  12. quintont

    quintont New Member

    thanks rjaiswal - NAT=yes on the extensions fixed the issue. SmartRG sr350n works now.
  13. magna.vis

    magna.vis Guru

    SOLD OUT! This is on sale again, now $5 after MIR. I got this MIR back in just a few weeks, ASUS's MIR program comes highly recommended from me. Updated links:

    Product: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Asus-RT-N10P
    Promo Code:EMCPEWE42
    $10 MIR, link on product page. Still supports Tomato, and mine has been running strong since December, 2013. For $5, this is a great router to have in a pinch, or for temporary use while troubleshooting or testing new features.
  14. fizadmin

    fizadmin Guru

    pfSense on ALIX hardware. Netgate.com sells them.
  15. How customizable is pfsense in the sense of adding other services that aren't included by default?
  16. magna.vis

    magna.vis Guru

    Mark D. Montgomery II If you mean adding a torrent server, or a web server, that's a big no-no. If you ask questions like that around the forums (https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=32920.0) you will always get the same answer. From what I gather, anything is possible (Mom used to tell me the same thing), but it's not something anyone is likely to help you with.

  17. Hah ok. So it's one of those "You can run extra stuff if you really want to and can figure it out, but we aren't going to help because that is outside what the distro is designed for". I guess that makes sense for what it is.
  18. magna.vis

    magna.vis Guru

    Yeah, the actual concern is attack surface though. Special consideration has been taken to minimise the attack surface with it's current feature set, and adding more services or applications to it could, potentially, increase that attack surface. Say, for instance, there's a vulnerability on the NAS server you have open to the web, and they get a username and password. There's a good chance that same username and password would work for management of the firewall, because whoever set it up didn't think they should be different.

    The general consensus in the security realm is "The less, the better." I tend to agree with that, in general.
  19. magna.vis

    magna.vis Guru

    As a point of interest, I have upgraded my home network to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite from a Linksys E4200 running Toastman's Tomato build with QoS. I have to say, the new case along with EdgeOS V1.5.0 really sold me, and I'm so glad I changed over. I didn't see huge gains in performance, though, that's to be expected as my line is only 30/5. But, I have to say, it feels snappier, and it's really a joy to configure. At $100, it's far cheaper than the pfSense boxes you can buy, or even the ones you can build yourself!

    TL;DR: I agree wtih Hyksos, after testing and using the EdgeRouter Lite, it carries my recommendation. http://www.amazon.com/EdgeRouter-ERLite-3-512MB-Ethernet-Router/dp/B00CPRVF5K
    I ordered from Pasadena Networks using that link. Cheapest price, fast shipping.

    Here's what my network now looks like:
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  20. Cool. I really need to grab one of those to play with. That would probably be a good choice for my client in the mall when we clean up his network if I can get his comcast router into pure bridging mode.
    I'm assuming the dhcp/dns is completely configurable since it's a *nix based box (I'm considering reorganizing the church/school network a bit and am considering one for there as well, but need full dhcpd and bind management for that site)?

    On an off topic note: What did you make that graphic with?

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