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DEAL Unbelievable Sangoma Promo **expired**

Discussion in 'Today's Tech News & Events' started by lgaetz, May 22, 2013.

  1. lgaetz Pundit

    ---------- This Deal has now expired ----------

    The rules:
    1. Must be a converting customer from a competing board vendor.
    2. One Board per client., All Boards are PCIe - No exceptions.
    Shipping is $50. I asked e4 if they knew of any expiry date and they don't know, best to assume the deal could expire at any time without notice. Rule number one must be on the honor system, because they don' t seem to have made much effort to figure out if I was a new customer.

    Anyone interested in this needs to fill out this excel form:
    and email it to: orders "at" e4strategies.com

    My experience so far:
    • I filled out the form and emailed it to e4
    • got an email reply back within minutes from e4 saying they had forwarded to Sangoma.
    • Ten minutes after that, Sangoma called me for billing info and promised the board in the courier tomorrow at the latest.
    • Received my package two days later. Minor nitpick, no invoice was included in the shipment nor did I get an email.
    • Invoice was received by email after a phone request to Sangoma, I called the main number and pressed 2 for sales.
    ---------- This Deal has now expired ----------

    Last edited by lgaetz, Aug 22, 2013
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  2. atsak Guru

    Canada shipping depends on where you are; in Ontario the last order cost me $11. One of the distributors here dropped Sangoma for Digium a couple months ago (so annoying) so you buy direct now if you're a reseller. Sangoma ships from Markham (aka the land of the wayward Toyota).
  3. rossiv Guru

    Just emailed in my order form. Can't beat those prices!
    I got one for future proofing... hopefully the 1980s super-hybrid PBX in the accounting office will die soon. If you've been around for a while on the forums, you know which one I'm talking about.
  4. sukasem Guru

    Echo Cancellation any good? Does it worth $55 extra?
  5. atsak Guru

    Yes, perfect. Not always worth the money if you can do without it but why even worry about it for $55 on a corporate system.
  6. sukasem Guru

    I want to play with it myself. ;)
    Is this deal for corp only?
  7. lgaetz Pundit

    The terms of the deal are as above, there is nothing about it needing a business.
  8. voipRookie Member

    Do these cards, in particular the B600DE, provide a dahdi timing source that I read so much about but don't really understand?
  9. atsak Guru

    yes, all of them do.
  10. Brian Simmons Active Member

    Has anyone gotten a response? I send in an email last week with the completed excel sheet and haven't heard anything.
  11. lgaetz Pundit

    I went thru the process 2 weeks ago with zero issues. Another person I know sent an order last Friday with no action on it yet. Today I sent an email to MW @ e4 and it turned out the order email was sitting in a spam box. I will PM you an email address for MW you can use to check your order status.
    Last edited by lgaetz, Jun 3, 2013
  12. rossiv Guru

    I sent mine in on the 22nd and got an email back from Sangoma a day or two later. They OVERNIGHTED the card. WOW.
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  13. islandtech Wassamassaw

    I placed my order on Friday and I received my card before noon Wednesday !
  14. CoinTos Member

    Well, I sent my around the same time as islandtech and have yet to hear anything, so I must be in their spam filter.

    Igaetz can you please pm me that email address as well?

  15. voipRookie Member

    I also must have been caught in the spam filter. @lgaetz would you please pm me the email address?
  16. lgaetz Pundit

    Since it seems to be an issue, Michael White's direct email address is:
    Last edited by lgaetz, Jun 7, 2013
  17. voipRookie Member

    I've installed the B600DE and am looking for an old thread (many pages long) about how to select a timing source. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate this thread via search. If anyone has better search abilities then me and can provide a pointer to this thread or provide the steps to setup the B600DE as the the timing source I would be very grateful.
  18. voipRookie Member

    Found the thread I was looking for here. I incorrectly remembered it contents so I just followed the instructions on Sangoma Wiki for installing on a PIAF system.
  19. lgaetz Pundit

    My experiences doing the same a few weeks ago are here. Did you run the yum command, and if so did you see any issues with that? I have another install coming up in the next few days and plan to do a bit more testing around this.
  20. voipRookie Member

    I skipped the yum command to install the required packages needed for compiling the wanpipe drivers from source and did not experience any problems. I just downloaded and installed the latest wanpipe driver (7.0.3).
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