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Telephone Reminders 4.0.3 Adds 3 New Functions

Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by wardmundy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. lopaka New Member

    The features that would be most useful for an initial trial would be the ability to create at least 2 standard messages that would be sent to remind clients of their upcoming appointment.

    When setting up reminder using web interface, there should be an area where the persons name can be typed in or pulled from database, and when time and date could be easily selected.

    Down the line, schedule integration would be nice where anyone on the schedule would get an automated call reminding them about the appointment the prior day. :biggrin5:
  2. titodj Member

    After installing the beta update, everything seems to work fine... Great thanks.
  3. deano Member

    Call timing


    Ok, I have this working..... Great tool.

    My Issue:

    The call goes out, but the recording starts playing before the call is answered. So the message is truncated.

    What I would like is for the system to either recognize that the call is not connected yet and then pause 2 seconds before it starts playing the message.

    A really cool option would be for it to detect the answer type. For example there is a product out there called phonetree. It plays a leading tone and then then message. That way if the call is answered by a voicemail, then it would wait for the beep and then play the message. I don't know if this has been done, but I know it should be do-able.

    Anyway, in the short time, if there was a way to get it to at least wait for the connection of the call and then maybe another second then play the message that would be perfect to at least start.

    Thanks for the great app!
  4. ekuypers New Member

    Love this module.

    First off i want to say we love this module here at our office.

    We started out using it just to remind our selves of different tasks and then a few of our clients started asking about it. Now we have several clients that are asking for it and we are starting to help them get involved with it understanding that its Open sources and surprisingly they are OK with that. Usually in my experience doctors and lawyers want name brand products for that comfort blanket.

    Either way i have began actively trying to modify it to meet our expanding needs. I am not a full time programmer or even a part time one but i do know my way around source. I am admittedly running into some problems and decided to turn to the source. I talked it over with my partner and we are willing to pay to have development done to expand this module. He even agrees with me that in the end what we pay for should be free and open to the community and added to future releases so it can continue its development.

    Since this would be for doctors and other professional groups we need a few sets of features. A lot of these people may have asked for all ready but i figure just throw them out and see what you guys here think.

    -Ability to cancel scheduled calls
    -Calendar select feature to see days of month
    -Ability to select from Language set (English or Spanish TTS Engine)
    -Ability useing the API to send Spanish or English voice selection through the wget string
    -Ability to have pre written scripts to select from.
    -Ability to do reporting. such as i NEED to know did the calls get answered or not and which ones did or did not. I know this can be done with other reporting in the system but to have seperate logs that could be mailed daily would be nesecary for the appointments.

    -Ability to have a transfer feature where they could call back and change their appointment. Press 1 to reschedule or such.

    This is off the top of my head and i know some of these are a LOT easier than others but we are willing to pay for someones time to help develop these and make them available in the general release.

    If anyone is interested or even the original devs them selves or a group of people id love to talk and start a discussion thread. We can offer money for time and other compensation as well such as Colocation in our datacenters if need be. We are a Hosting company that provides analog voice mail and paging services to customers all over northern illinois. This is something we just want to start offering to customers as a new service.

    Anyway i can ramble on for hours If your interested shoot me a message and i can send my personal email and my phone so we can chat more. If a group of you want to do it i guess we can do the development right here on the forums with a thread or something with the Admins blessing of course.
  5. drmurdoch Member

  6. unitetech New Member

    Appointment Development

    I have been working on the appointment development for a couple of weeks now and here is what I have so far.


    You can now enter the persons name to call and phone number. You can enter when to call and when the appointment is. You can also choose from a list of prerecorded messages. Msg 1 is selected here. You can choose none for message 1 and whatever you type in message two will be spoken instead.


    Once you submit it will tell you what number and when the call will be placed and what it will say.


    The appointments page will show the appointments that were entered and also allow you to export them to csv if needed.


    Pending page has been cleaned up and all pages have had the html taken out and php is only called when used. This page will probably go away in production.


    The calendar page will auto rotate to show six months out at all times and when an appointment is entered. Calendar page will have link to the appointment info from selecting the day.


    Next I have the csv import tab. This will allow any csv with info about customers and contact info and date info to be uploded to the database so the client does not have to enter the calls one at a time.

    The support page will allow the customer to email us with any issues they run into.

    The original reminders program was quite amazing and some of what was there still is. I have just tied in a much more detailed user interface and database. I am new to programming so it has not been easy and the hard work of the nerdvittles people and other code I found at various places around the internet has helped. I did a ton of changes and cleanup and just combined what I could so far. Everything works quite well and I even have the person that is called select if they want to leave a message as one of the options and it is emailed to the staff. Or if the caller acks the message an email is sent to the staff. I have a lot more database work to do and this is just my inital build.


  7. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Damien: Looks fantastic! Please PM Tony Shiffer (tshif) and let him get you set up on the development site. Some of us can probably lend a hand on the database stuff if you get stumped. Can't wait! :smile5:
  8. tshif Guru


    This is one exciting application - with GREAT potential. Thanks for all you have done so far.
  9. jeffmac Guru

    WOW! is right!

    This looks fantastic to me, and all I run is my own home PBX. I don't know what I'll ever use it for but it looks so danged good I might install it just to admire it!

  10. unitetech New Member

    PBX Appointments

    I just want to let all the people know that I appreciate all the hard work and hours of code you have worked on. I have used that code to do what I have done so far. If it were not for that code I would not have been able to add to it. I have uploaded the code, I have been working on to the development side so that it can be used and eventually be turned into a freepbx module with the help of people here that are much better than myself. I hope this turns into something that will be of benefit because I have benefited so much from the brilliant work of so many tallented programmers here and on the trixbox forum. My grattitude goes out to everyone for a wonderful job.

  11. tshif Guru

    Damien - Ward Tom and Joe surely have built a wonderful community here, and we are very glad you joined in!

    To everyone reading and excited to participate- Damien has asked that his Project on the Development site be non-public for the time being - while he finishes "moving in" to his programs new home.

    I know he is looking forward to inviting any and all developers / programmers and testers to jump in and participate in this exciting project as soon as possible - but we all need to be patient and contain our excitement while he's "unpacking".

  12. drmurdoch Member

    Very exciting stuff.
    Please put me on your "Testers List".
    I can stress test this for you in a Doctor's Office !
  13. lopaka New Member

    This is exactly what I've been needing! Thank you for all the hard work thats been out in on this. When it's ready for testing sign me up too!!!
  14. krzykat Guru

    Very cool stuff !!

    Please keep me informed of any updates and when I can test this project out. Scheduling with calendar, and select pre-arranged messages, plus notification confirmation ... COOL COOL Stuff. I'm sure someone will link Asterstickies in with this when its out there.
  15. tshif Guru

    Okay, here's a quick update on the current status of unitetech's project.

    The NON GNU code that had become a part of the project is now being removed. Once the non GNU code is removed from the project, it will be marked public -- and all of the developers working through the development support site will have access to as the project if they wish.

    Unitech has been a little bit buried with his real job lately, though we haven't forgotten about the project!

  16. krzykat Guru

    Any updates?? Anxious to test
  17. tshif Guru

    "Test" isn't going to be in the picture for a while.

    The project administrator is undergoing a very hectic life-schedule at this time - and asks for our patience.

    We must accomplish one important thing in the code before making this project available to the public -- so that other developers can chip in.

    If you are a developer interested in working on the project - please PM me for details.

  18. deano Member

    Small Issue,

    When an event is scheduled it seems that the call is started once the system starts ringing.

    Is there anyway to have it wait a few seconds before playing the message? I have looked at the code, but my "newbe" eyes can't see the place to make the changes.

    Lastly, can it detect if it reaches an answering machine and then wait before playing the message?

    Thanks for the input.
  19. kb9mwr Guru

  20. markb1439 New Member


    A client would like to have a medical appointment reminder system created, similar to Telephone Reminders but using audio files instead of Cepstral (or other) generated sound. In other words, the client would have a greeting recorded, as well as all of the appropriate day and time snippets. I can create a database-driven mechanism for generating the reminders, however I am not sure how I could interface it with PIAF and Telephone Reminders, since the Reminders module generates a single audio file using Cepstral or a similar method. Any ideas?



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