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SUSHI - Software Update Service (Hyperlinked, Interactive)

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by wardmundy, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Here's the place to give us your views and suggestions concerning the SUSHI proposal outlined on Nerd Vittles this week.
  2. gaijin Guru

    Only $30?

    lol i Pay more for my haircut, AND I BUZZCUT!

    Sign me up for the 10 or so commercial installs that I have out there right now...
  3. ksDevGuy Guru

    Great idea, an easy way for folks to feel good they are supporting a good thing easily - without making them have to. Additionally, I think very fair play to share some of that with the other open source products that are part of making all this possible!

    Once everyone has chimed in, seems you should make a very easy mechanism for folks to plunk their URL or IP and pay the annual fee on a credit card/PayPal.

  4. tomsyr Guru

    Very reasonable

    It seems that if you are going to start a pricing model, it would make more sense to charge by the month - and charge more.
    The 'I want it free' crowd will complain no matter what you charge.
    Insuring that a Linux box stays secure now that it's becoming more of a hacker target @ $10 per month would be very reasonable.
  5. tomsyr Guru

    Google Checkout

    I like Google Checkout - :D
    Please consider it when you launch!
  6. jmullinix Guru

    I like the idea. I don't think I will have any problem selling that type of security to my customers, especially after what happened at "those other folks" last week. :)
  7. The Deacon Guru

    I think it is a *GREAT* idea!

    Sign me up!

    How soon can we send you a payment? :D
  8. titodj Member

    I think the price its fair, and I will be happy to pay it, even for the only box that I use in my house.
    I really think that PBXiaf even without the SUSHI proposal is worth more than that.

    My only question is, what will be the difference without SUSHI?
  9. ksDevGuy Guru

    You'll have to reinstall the full ISO (much like TB when you get down to it) to get updates instead.
  10. Slamby Member

    Seems fine to me. At just over a quid a month, I get all sorts of nice stuff, and takes a lot of hassle out of looking after your box. Bargain.
  11. kenn10 Guru

    I fully support the idea.

    I would like to see some provision for people to be able to get perhaps two SUSHI's (one for production and one for lab switch) per site or login.

    I think it is a fair way for the community to support the project.
  12. TDF New Member

    I'm a little confused, I'm all up for a bit of Fonality bashing but didnt you have the same or a very similar problem in your GUI and unless people have either updated or saw mention of it in one of the threads, they are still sitting there exposed ?

  13. jroper Guru


    The problem was that the password for the kennonsoft interface, if you ever used it, was available to see over the internet, by typing in the URL direct to the password file.

    The danger was then that you had used this password everywhere else as well, then full access was available. If you did not use the same password on the kennonsoft as for say maint or admin, you had not really got a problem.

    This code has been around since early days of AAH, so'I'm a little surprised that it had not been picked up before.

    This problem would not have allowed root access to the system, unless of course you were silly enough to have used the same password for root, as you did for the kennonsoft password.

    However, I don't see how your mention is relevant to this post. Not withstanding this, we now have the RSS feed which as Ward points out, would make it easier to disseminate this sort of information.


    Joe Roper
  14. rbamburg New Member

    I don't like raw fish but I will sign up for this one.

    Sounds like a good deal to me.
  15. TDF New Member

    I apologise it was something I read in the blog entry that leads to here, thanks for the explanation.

    To be clear on this new feature, once its implemented there will be no more updates for non payers, it will be a case of reinstalling or just no more major updates ?
  16. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Never Say Never

    I don't think any of us would say NEVER AN UPDATE. If there were a major security breach that threatened the security of everyone's systems (like the trixbox root exploit last week), we probably would not leave the cheapskates twisting in the wind... tempting as it might be. :rolleyes: Then again, I might get outvoted. :biggrin5:
  17. thunderheart New Member

    Really solves a problem

    Excellent idea and solves my dilemma regarding how to contribute (which I've posted about elsewhere). $30 is certainly reasonable.

    Maybe you could make it sweeter (and charge a little more) by including other stuff like maybe endpoint firmware, TDM drivers etc. You know like a tiered thing. For $30 you get SUSHI Appetizer (basic offering you've described) for home users, $60 for SUSHI Lunch with endpoint firmware updates for SOHO users and $120 for SUSHI Deluxe with Digium, Rhino, et. al TDM drivers for the people who need that.

    Maybe not practical but just a thought.

  18. jroper Guru


    Thunderheart, you may have a good point, but not necessarily about the money.

    Among us are various types of people from IT and telecom professionals, Directors of companies, who are installing it for their own company, as well as people who want it for home or who are just playing with it.

    The people who could really make a difference are the people who want to set up a business selling PBX systems, preferably based on PBX in a Flash.

    The very nature of the business is that IT professionals are the best at doing that, beacuse this stuff is 80% networking and about 20% telephony. Get the network right and everything else usually follows.

    However, IT professionals are usually rubbish at selling, they start talking about techie stuff, customers eyes glaze over, and the man with the Panasonic gets the job.

    So there is a role for sales people, and a role for implementers, and by joining sales and implementers together in some way, there could be a successful and profitable business to be had by capturing territory that currently belongs to Avaya, Nortel Panasonic et al.

    What we could do, if there was a need and requirement is to "tickle the market" by trying to make more people aware of opensource telephony and PBX in a Flash in particular (obviously because i'm bias), so that the sales became easier.

    Additionally, we need PiaF to be rock solid, which it is, with easy provisioning of our chosen handsets, (Aastras), with buttons on them for the various features, which of course, a lot of this has been done.

    Things that spring to mind are well produced end user documentation, advertising collateral, and gathering enough money to attend trade shows etc.

    I firmly believe that as a cohesive force, we can deploy and install PiaF into many thousands of businesses around the world, and those that want to, can get involved and make some money along the way.

    Now if anyone has any good ideas how to make all this happen, and how the PBX in a Flash team can act as a catalyst to really make PiaF become the disruptive technology Digium have been talking about for so many years, now would be a good time to speak.

  19. g711 Guru

    This is a great idea and you can sign me up. My only real concern is to easily hide this from the end user as I do not want them doing an update-source or some such thing and breaking their system. As it is now, I hide help-pbx.
  20. jroper Guru

    I would not let a customer any where near the root password, and certainly never into the command line, not unless you never want to take a holiday, because he will break it.

    Everything that needs to be done, can be done at the GUI, and even then, I would hesitate to let them go everywhere -thank FreePBX for authtype=database.


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