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SPA3102 Incoming PSTN call fails after one ring

Discussion in 'Help' started by ukiechris, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. ukiechris New Member

    I have a brand new install of PBX in a Flash.

    Have a VoIP trunk set-up (voip.ms) and the incoming calls go flawlessly to the designated ring group.

    I set up another trunk (PSTN) according to this guide:

    Outgoing calls go through without a problem.

    When I place an incoming call, I hear one ring on the phone placing the call (cell) and one ring on the receiving device (Aastra55i), after which the call is disconnected: ringing tone changes to busy tone on the cell phone, and the receiving device stops ringing.

    I have successfully set this us in trixbox at a different location using the same guide.

    Any suggestions?
  2. lgaetz Pundit

    Inbound context (I think) is wrong. For incoming PSTN calls context should be "from-pstn" (without quotes)

    *edit* What you describe is what happens if you have the wrong context, but the "from-trunk" should work, so I'm not sure what the problem is. Dial in and send us a snippet of the full asterisk log.

  3. MGD4me Guru

    If it worked with trixbox, it will definitely work with PIAF (only better!).

    In addition to what lgaetz suggests, re-check where your "PSTN Caller Default DP" is pointing to, on the "PSTN Line" page. The Dial Plan it references should look something like (S0<:s@>), only the actual IP address should be of your PIAF box, not the one illustrated.

    The ":5060" part may or may not be required, but I've always included the port reference.
  4. ukiechris New Member

    Issue resolved.

    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    Feel free to pm me on SPA3102 set-up. I happy to share my experience.

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