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queue agent priority

Discussion in 'Help' started by tblunt, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. tblunt New Member

    I have a queue set up where i have 3 dynamic agents. What i need to do is regardless of the order that the agents log in is get calls to go to agent 101 first then 104 then 114.

    is the specified in the dynamic members?
    or somewhere else?

  2. sigmaz Member

    Hey Tom,

    The number after the extension is the penalty number. Basically this number is used to set the next resort if all the extensions in the queue with a xxx,0 are busy..
    So based on that the extensions in your example are listed backwards for your desired result,

    You could change it to 101,0 104,1 114,2

    The first call would go to 101 next call in would go to 104 and the third to 114 (assuming the previous extension was unavailable to service a new call)

    Suppose you add more to the group of extensions say, 102 and 103 and you list them as 102,0 and 103,0..

    101 102 and 103 would all have to be busy before the queue will send calls to 104 and further on to 114

    Again, penalty strategies work well and remember, the lesser penalty members would get the call first.

    Essentially, in this example 114 would only be served calls if all of the other exetensions are busy servicing other calls or are not logged into the queue.

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