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FYI PIAF AWS AMI Problems going from micro to small with audio

Discussion in 'Help' started by voip4fun, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. voip4fun New Member

    This is a weird problem. I decided to take my PIAF on AWS (Wards AMI) from T1 Micro to M1 Small and after doing so I started noticing playback quality issues with system and voicemail promps,
    I launched new AMI's to test both the 1.8 AMI and the Ver 11 as micro's and small's and again have no issues with voicemail prompts with the micro instance but can notice it right away on the small. Does anybody know what might be going on here?
  2. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Think of it as a big fat (no guarantees) DSL pipe vs. a slow, but guaranteed T-1 line. Small gives you much less bandwidth while the default setup works fine until you start using too much. Then it slows to a snail's pace.
  3. voip4fun New Member

    Thanks for the info Ward. That kinda stinks, I though by paying more money for a small I would get better performance. If you have a system with only a few concurrent calls maybe sticking to the micro is a better idea.
  4. wardmundy Nerd Uno

  5. voip4fun New Member

    Looking into my audio issue by researching on the web I kept seeing references to VoIP Optimized 1000 hz timer Linux Kernels being used for VoIP on AWS. Does the PIAF AMI use an optimized kernel? I have a working knowledge of Linux but this is above my head. I did uname command and wrote the kernel info down but could not find any information referencing timer specs. I already spent the money to upgrade to the reserved M1 small so I am just wanting to make sure there isn't anything else I can do. You would think I would have enough bandwidth for just one call to voicemail to not be cutting out (its not real bad but sometimes you lose a word or two). It is clear as a bell on the t1 micro, I never realized that it was dedicated bandwidth on the micro like you mentioned. I just cant imagine everyone on a m1 small having such poor playback on voicemail and system prompts.


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