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DEAL PIAF images available @RentPBX.com

Discussion in 'Providers' started by rentpbx, Sep 24, 2013.


What is favorite PIAF Color and FreePBX Version?

  1. PIAF Purple

  2. PIAF Brown

  3. PIAF Red

    0 vote(s)
  4. PIAF Yellow

  5. PIAF-Green

  6. FreePBX 2.10

  7. FreePBX 2.11

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. rentpbx

    rentpbx Guru

    Hi Everyone,

    We’re excited to let you know that these PBX in a Flash colors are now available in our platform.

    PBX in a Flash (build your own variance)
    PBX in a Flash (Green with FreePBX 2.11)

    Additional colors will be available in the next few days!! Please let us know the FreePBX version and Asterisk color that you’d like to have and we’ll prioritize based on the majority of your favorite combination.

    If you want to build your own favorite combination as well as NeoRouter VM, SugarCRM VM, etc., we also have "PBX in a Flash (build your own variance)" available in our platform.

    Our special coupon PIAF2012 is still valid for your first PBX with us. This coupon will bring down your monthly PIAF PBX rental cost to $14.99. To order, please visit www.rentpbx.com.

    RentPBX Team
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  2. darmock

    darmock PIAF Developer

    Thanks to RentPBX for their ongoing support of our project! I pass all of my commercial customers their way now. Good news about all of the other instances such as neorouter/sugar/etc. I am sure they will follow with some of our super secret new projects we have been working on...........


  3. rentpbx

    rentpbx Guru

    Thanks Tom for your referral. We would not have been here without your and the whole PIAF team hard work to get the PIAF as stable and exciting as today.

    In any case, we have added the following pre-built images.

    PBX in a Flash (Yellow with FreePBX 2.11)
    PBX in a Flash (Purple with FreePBX 2.11)

    For those who still need older FreePBX versions and color, "Build your own" image can build any color and FreePBX combination.

    RentPBX Team
  4. rentpbx

    rentpbx Guru

    Just want to update everyone that we now have pre-build image for

    PBX in a Flash (Brown with FreePBX 2.11)

    We are still discussing whether to make pre-build image for FreePBX 2.10. At this moment, if you need FreePBX 2.10 PBX, you can always go with "Build your own" image.

    RentPBX Team
  5. Dan Lawrence

    Dan Lawrence Member

    Hey, rentpbx, will you have a build for PIAF-Green-3.6.5 soon? It looks like it is available from pbxinaflash.net as a OVA but not an ISO at this time.
  6. rentpbx

    rentpbx Guru

    Hi Dan,

    I am not sure that the following link works. We just announced yesterday the availability of PIAF 3.6.5. Here is the post PIAF 3.8.5 availability @ RentPBX

    RentPBX Team

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