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PBXIAF --Business edition --ISO

Discussion in 'Wish List' started by KUMARULLAL, Jan 25, 2012.


    Pardon me if there is another thread like this somewhere in this forum.
    One of the main reasons why I love PBXIAF is it is because it is very secure and rock solid.
    Please don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that all the current PBXIAF version cannot be used in business environment. Everyone is using it, including me in the company where I work.
    The idea is to make it very simple and business friendly for virtually any one.
    This version should only focus on business.
    It is always interesting to try out new tricks and tips that Ward provides. For technically minded people like us it is easy with step by step instructions provided.
    However for a non technical person, it may be difficult.
    The business edition should have no goodies pre installed except for a couple.
    Everything I am suggesting here can easily be done by most of us.
    This is what the new business edition should look like.
    • Should be using the most stable version of asterisk
      • My personal favorite is asterisk 1.4
    • Bare install with no apps.
    • The web home page should default to port 443 SSL (Port 80 should redirect to port 443.)
      • yum install mod_ssl
      • Check out this link
    • The home page should have links to
        • User's voice-mail
        • Asteriskdex
        • Web-meetme
        • Sugar CRM already set with connection to (
        • Avantfax
        • Admin section
      • Asterisk should be pre-compiled with SRTP. ( I know asterisk 1.8 offers SRTP, Don't know if asterisk 1.4 be used with SRTP)
        • Check out this link
    These days ISPs are providing hybrid voice and data circuits with SIP trunks. Therefore in a business environment (Specially in health care) it is important that the end to end communication should be secure.
    • Simple script for installing g729 codecs to save on band width.
      • End users can buy the licenses from Digium
    There might be other features that I might have missed.
    Please fill in the blanks.
  2. darmock PIAF Developer

    How much are you willing to pay?


    This is not for me. I have done this in my environment.
    The idea is to make it available to everyone.
  4. lgaetz Pundit

    Your wish list looks a lot like a standard PIAF install without the Incredible add-ons.

    It does not come with SRTP included. g729 included. Port 80 redirected to 433 by default. Sugarcrm pre-configured to talk to asterisk for click to dial etc.
    There might be other things that may make it more business friendly which I have not mentioned. Which is why I started this tread.
  6. darmock PIAF Developer

    I understand. However this would involve a LOT of programming time on our part. I am not sure any of the dev team would be willing to undertake this unless there was some $$$ in it for them. Unless you are suggesting we do it all for free and then give it away plus provide 24/7 support for free......

    We actually already have all you asked for plus a GUI that we have not released. We also have automated install of digiums commercial codecs (unreleased) along with a number of other products that have not seen the light of day.

    SRTP is not reliable on anything but 1.8/10. and even then it can be problematic. Also having worked in healthcare fro 30+ years I am not sure that the SRTP is required. However that is something the lawyers can argue about. I just can't see someone poking into a voip datastream to spy on docs conversations... but whatever floats your boat.

    If we were to do this project we would only support Asterisk 1.8 and 10 Once we figure it has come out of beta.

    Both Ward and I have set up PIAF systems in small to large healthcare based settings. So we both understand what you want. We would need to commercialize PIAF for a business edition and provide 24x7 support for it. I think if we were to do this we would need some venture capital to hire people. Problem with these types of arrangements is they tend to lead to the death of the free version.... just look at trixbox/fonality.

    So nice idea...... but.......

    As a postscript a lot of the dev team members can only contribute a few hours a month to the project as they have to put food on the table. So I can see no other way than to commercialize a business edition. My time is now limited as I am back at university getting another degree so we would have to hire people and set up an infrastructure.

    I completely understand what you mean.
    Once again. I am able to do what ever I have suggested here. This is not for my benefit.
    I was looking at sourceforge.net sight to see which flavour of asterisk is most popular. I saw elastix is by far the most downloaded product. I never tried to look in to elastix myself because I am a PBIAF loyal. Bu then just to check it out I did try it. The first thing that drew my attention was that the web browser defaulted to https. That is a good thing. It also had modules that could be very easily installed though the web browser like sugarcrm and vtiger etc.
    It seemed interesting to me. I was only trying make a suggestion to bring the best in PBXIAF out of everything out there and yet make it very easy for anyone to deploy.
    Of-course, it is your prerogative to make it open-source or paid version. Support obviously is paid and that is understandable.
    Once again it is not for my benefit. It was just a thought and I put it in the wish list.
    The idea to me seems to be interesting though.
  8. dswartz Guru

    There's an old Country Western song with the title "What part of NO don't you understand?"

    Got it.
    Didn't mean to offend anyone. My apologies if unknowingly I did.
  10. darmock PIAF Developer

    Nope no problem. Interesting viewpoint but with our meagre resources we wont be doing anything like this without an infusion of serious cash

  11. lowno Guru

    The problem with what is suggested is not everyone wants a one-sized-fits-all solution, and that is why nothing comes close to PIAF. I can have exactly what I want with minimal effort already. I wouldn't want a crm on the PBX. If I want all the apps, I get to choose, if I want faxing, I get to choose, if I want 1.8, I get to choose that too.

    Thanks to PIAF I get exactly what I want when I want it with the least amount of fuss, and it all just works!
  12. gregc Guru

    Not that my two cents are worth anything... but...
    Microsoft went with the whole 'simple and easy for anybody' back in the early 90's. I don't know how many times I've had to answer the questions 'why does it crash?' or 'why is it slow?'

    In my opinion, a pbx/phone system should not be simple and easy so that any non-tech can set it up. That is what the Panasonic 2-3 line phones at Office Depot are for.

    On the other hand, thank you for the good tips/ideas for those of us who do administrate.

  13. darmock PIAF Developer

    Interesting in actual fact PIAF installs are "so easy a cave man could do it"..... uh oh the SOPA police are knocking at my door guess this is the end of things........

    Phew just the UPS guy.....


    We write PIAF so "it just works" at least the techies can install everything and the base system they start with works period. Then the fun begins..... Ward and I have both resisted the urge to release a turnkey system that does not need configuration.

    I can just imagine the forums clogged with users of a turnkey version whining they want to change the color of the background of the first page and how do they do it. It would turn out to be the turkey version instead.

    While I appreciate all of the techie and new users a vast influx of the great unwashed public who are technologically illiterate is not something I want. I appreciate people trying to learn but questions such as "what is linux?" or "where is internet explorer" is just too much on a techie type forum.

    Then again a commercialized turnkey version would be good only if you could get ongoing revenue to pay for your initial time investment. Thus if you make it too good or too easy to understand then people buy it and that is the end of your revenue stream.

    We all know of a number of software that is free but are so complex to set up that even linux gurus have problems. You have to buy consulting time to make these programs work in your environment. These guys just pi** me off which is why we write PIAF so it is an easy install. Now the wrinkle is configuration!

    damn I am ranting again sorry Pain in the *SS problem with the incredible backup 2.0..... grrrr

  14. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Tom forgot the closing tag...


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