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QUESTION Limit BLF Pickup like *8 pickup group

Discussion in 'Help' started by markieb, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. markieb

    markieb Member

    So, I have several BLF keys setup on handsets to dial, show ringing/busy etc of other extensions using BLF.
    At the moment if for example ext 200 rings and the BLF flashes on other extensions they can pick up ext 200 by pressing the flashing BLF on their phone.

    Is it possible to still have the BLF setup to show ringing etc on all phones but limit actual pickup of flashing BLF to only certain extensions the same way you can with call group and pickup group in *8 scenario?

    I still want people to be able to dial, see busy/ringing etc. using BLF but limit actual call pickup/Intercept to only certain extensions.
  2. phoneguy

    phoneguy Guru

  3. markieb

    markieb Member

    Thanks phoneguy but as awesome as that module looks, I don't think it does exactly what I need.

    It would be perfect if I just wanted to completely restrict **ext pickups on BLF keys, but I only want to restrict **ext BLF pickup for certain extensions of certain extensions, not completely block **ext BLF pickup.
    It looks like the module either allows or denies that feature code completely, it doesn't seem to allow me to fine tune it more like I'd need.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I may even still purchase that module as it seems pretty handy in general.
  4. phoneguy

    phoneguy Guru

    Go put in a feature request to add this to COS at issue.freepbx.org. I can see a need for this along with also *80 intercom being able to restrict which users can dial which extensions with those prefixes.
  5. markieb

    markieb Member

    Thanks @phonebuy will do.....

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