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It's Soup: Incredible PBX 2

Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by wardmundy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    PIAF GUI: Fixed
    PIAF-Red IncredibleFax: Fixed
  2. wardmundy Nerd Uno

  3. chdyoung New Member

  4. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Thanks! All of the versions are on SourceForge. The default has been fixed, but it may not have been pushed out to all the mirrors yet...

  5. Hunding New Member

    Ross, I am running into the same issue as I use this with my google apps accounts. In the original version there was no problem. How do I get the hard-coded @gmail.com OUT? :banghead:

  6. chdyoung New Member

    Incredible PBX is a big help for newbies, but I think the instructions could be improved a bit to make it even easier to install and setup.

    I suggest making a quick start guide for those who have skimmed through the descriptions of what can be done, and are now ready for a basic condensed step by step guide for installing and setting up their first system.

    Before getting into setting up a Google Voice account, the quick start instructions should first guide the user to setup a very basic working system. It should include the steps to get an extension working, and a test to prove that it is working by calling the echo test.

    I know that all this information is available, but I am suggesting that it be put in a logical order in condensed form with links to further detailed explanations.

    Other suggestions:

    When I SSH to my server, I see some message that is on screen too briefly to read before the status screen pops up.

    When first viewing the web GUI, it is not obvious how to get to the “FreePBX Administration” page. Your instructions say “Click on the Admin tab and choose FreePBX”, but I do not see an “Admin” tab. I see a “Users” box at the bottom left of the page, and when I click that, it changes to “Admin”.
  7. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    This is NOT recommended, but it will work. Log into your server as root. Substitute your Google Apps domain for yourdomain.com below:

    cd /var/www/html/admin/modules/googlevoice
    cp functions.inc.php functions.inc.used2work.php
    sed -i "s/@gmail.com/@[COLOR="Red"]yourdomain.com[/COLOR]/g" functions.inc.php

    NOTES: You still will only enter your username on the Google Voice form in FreePBX. This makes a backup of the functions.inc.php file just in case things go horribly wrong.
  8. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Once the dust settles, we'll see what we can do with respect to a Quick Start Guide.

    Your other comment regarding the Admin tab being the Users tab has been fixed. Thanks.

    p.s. Kinda ironic that you're asking for LESS DEVELOPER DOCUMENTATION while we're complaining that FreePBX has none. :cool:
  9. Hunding New Member

    That worked perfectly Ward. Thanks for your help.
  10. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Asternic CDR Reports were inadvertently left out of Incredible PBX 2 until now. If you don't find it in the Tools, Third Party Addon section of FreePBX, you can add it from here. Sorry. :crazy:
  11. mainenotarynet Not really a Guru - Just a long time user

    It may work (Mr Ward is a great go-to-guru on these things), but I can see why this method is not recommended.

    substituting the @gmail.com with @yourdomain.tld on a global (is that the /g Mr Ward?) scale would be a bad idea for a system that had some on google apps and some just straight gmails you could only do the domain of the google apps user OR all gmail.com accounts but not both.

    The old way having to put the full email in (you@domain.tld or you@gmail.com) even though the old way said that only @gmail.com accounts would work in PiaF, if people got it to work with Google Apps, more power to them, cold be reinstated in the GV Module so if you have a site that uses accounts of the 2 types (GApps and Gmail) then everyone could be happy.

    I though I read a while back that someone was setting up a PFTS (Private Family Telephone System) I believe using the Nortel 1535s? and If the Admin had a GApps and his family and friends had straight Gmails and some GApps the ols method of full email address could suit both.

    Not a coder or programmer but can see the benefit of being able to do both.
  12. Gotenks New Member

    Clean install PiaF, executed the download+chmod+install then left for a bit. Came back and it crashed at:
    Saving firewall rules to /etc/sysconfig/iptables:          [  OK  ]
    New SIP WHITELIST has been activated in IPtables.
    Randomizing all of your FreePBX passwords...
    Fri, 26 Aug 2011 12:34:36 -0600 - Got event.. fullybooted
    Fri, 26 Aug 2011 12:34:36 -0600 - No event handler for event 'fullybooted'
    Had to press ctrl+c to cancel it. I didn't see the info that talks about Travelin Man at the end so it must have failed. I'm running IncrediblePBX again to see what happens. Should I re-install the whole system instead?

    PBX in a Flash Version   = Running on *HARDWARE
    FreePBX Version          =
    Running Asterisk Version =
    Asterisk Source Version  =
  13. chdyoung New Member

    I did not mean to ask for less documentation. Just suggesting that in addition to the detailed documentation, there could be a beginners guide that in a few basic steps would get someone a simple working system. It is easy to get frustrated and give up if I do not see that I am making progress. I am over that hump, but early on I was tempted to give up on it because there was so much to learn and accomplish before I felt like I had made any progress.

    Of course without Incredible PBX, I would not have even tried to master the language and art of Asterisik.

  14. As of today there's a better idea — see tm1000's post here.
  15. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    I was just being snarky. :eek:

    With Incredible PBX, it really is down to 3 steps:

    1. Install PIAF-Purple or PIAF-Red
    2. Download & run Incredible PBX 2.0 installer
    3. Configure Google Voice and a softphone or SIP telephone

    How much of the additional documentation you need kinda depends on how much you already know. :wink5:
  16. wardmundy Nerd Uno

  17. chdyoung New Member

    Excellent. Now there is no excuse not to try it.
  18. dandy_don Member

    Help please... I did an entire fresh install of purple (32-bit) using the latest tutorial. I registered my two google voice accounts as well as my sipgate and vitelity accounts and configured the outbound routes. I can only dial into the system, I can dial other extensions, access nerd vittles utilities such as yahoo news, etc., but I can't dial out from any of these trunks.

    The trunks show they are registered... What logs, etc., should I include to get help troubleshooting this?

    I'm using the same hardware as before, and the router, etc., is unchanged...

  19. dandy_don Member

    OK -- Getting closer...

    I'm getting closer... I went into the "System Administration", "Asterisk SIP Settings" and there were reported conflicts with sip_custom.conf and sip_general_custom.conf, and none of the network settings were correct (local net and dynamic IP).

    I corrected all of this, and now I am able to dial out but it is strange... When I dial the number, the phone hangs up immediately or else I get a "we could not complete your call" -- this is not Alison's voice.. Some other nice voice however. Then if I try dialing again, the call usually goes through.

    I'll attach a portion of the log file.

  20. dandy_don Member

    OK -- got everything working except for vitelity outbound...

    The "other" very pleasant female voice was from google voice. I still had the .0.0.9 version of the "Google Voice" Third Party Add Ons. Downloaded the 0.5 module, uploaded, deleted the google voice accounts and then re-entered them fixed it just fine.
    There were multiple problems... Google voice, vitelity, and wrong default network settings in Asterisk Sip Settings (under administration in FreePBX).

    So now the issue is just with placing calls through vitelity -- the outbound trunk registers, and sipgate, multiple google voice accounts, and ENUM all are working great! Many thanks to everyone for all the good work. I'll make a donation -- I've got a lot out of all the fine work done by others. :biggrin5:

    Now to finish getting skype, cepstral, and faxing installed and working again. :eek:


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