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It's Soup: Incredible PBX 2

Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by wardmundy, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Looking for a few brave souls to try out Incredible PBX 2. This version reworks Google Voice support (now optional) using the new Google Voice FreePBX module by Marcus Brown and also adds tm1000's new Swiss Army Knife module.
    1. Create one or more Google Voice accounts with Google in the usual way (see below).
    2. Install PIAF-Purple with Asterisk 1.8.something
    3. Download & Run incrediblepbx2.x
    4. Open FreePBX. Choose Admin, Google Voice and add one (or more) GV accounts. username is just that, no @gmail.com! (see example below)
    5. Finally, log into your server from Linux CLI as root and issue command: amportal restart
    To make Outbound Calls, dial any 10-digit number in U.S./Canada (free!)

    To receive Incoming Calls
    , connect a phone or softphone and enter your credentials for one of the preconfigured extensions.



  2. I'll be loading it today, if I can get away from the break-fix work and Google+
  3. isaacl Member

    Just wondering (assuming this wasn't discussed elsewhere) -
    Are there any functionality or reliability gains (or any other benefits) over the previous Incredible PBX version?
  4. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    There were a number of folks that wanted to use Incredible PBX but didn't necessarily want/need Google Voice. Especially true for our non-U.S. users. This makes that possible.

    There also were many who wanted more than one Google Voice number. This makes that easy as well.

    Adding or changing Google Voice entries was painful in the old version of Incredible PBX. Now it takes less than 1-minute to add or change Google Voice entries.

    We've also added the Swiss Army Knife module for those that want to easily build and duplicate dial strings for trunks and routes.

    Finally, we've tried not to throw the baby out with the bathwater so all of the remaining Incredible PBX functions still remain in place.
  5. MisterQ Member

    Once more into the valley of death, I ride... Will report any problems.
  6. rossiv Guru

    Same here. Installing on a new Purple box now. :)
  7. The Deacon Guru

    I'm calling SHOTGUN!

    Installing it now.
  8. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    No one seems to have returned from the valley. Hmmm.

  9. rossiv Guru

    I'm having NIC issues. :(
  10. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Doesn't touch the NIC stuff other than setting the IPtables rules to local subnets.
  11. rossiv Guru

    Didn't mean the Incredible PBX2 caused it. Can't get PIAF to install. SuperMicro isn't being much help. Anyway, this is OT. Will post results when I get the server working.
  12. chdyoung New Member

    Asterisk answers GV call -- other numbers not ringing

    I would like my cell phone to ring when my GV number rings, but Asterisk picks up the call and sends its own ring sound to the caller. This happens before my cell phone has time to ring, and even if it did ring briefly, I would not have time to pick up the call.

    The only way I can fix this is to disable the GV trunk, or
    amportal stop
    and of course then it does not work in Asterisk.

    Other than that, I had it working well yesterday with two different GV numbers. Something changed though, and today there is no audio.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I have two different Asterisk systems with the same name on the network (pbx). Guess I should rename the new one.
  13. rossiv Guru

    Perhaps you should post this in the GVoice In Flames No More sticky thread at the top of the Help forum. This is quite OT to this thread. And the hostname should make no difference.
  14. chdyoung New Member

    Working with audio now. Renaming the new Asterisk box did not fix it, but it needed to be done anyway.

    Audio works when I turn off iptables
    service iptables stop

    Followed these instructions, to fix iptables:

    Firewall has NOT been updated!
    You must manually remove any duplicate IP addresses from the file first!
    Do NOT remove last 4 entries which are IP addresses for internal LAN use.
    Once you are satisfied with WhiteList, run /root/firewall-whitelist.sh
    Only after running firewall-whitelist.sh will your firewall be current!
  15. chdyoung New Member

    Trying to pass the "on topic" test since previous attempts failed.

    I have been running an Incredible PBX system for several months, and yesterday installed Incredible PBX 2 on an additional box.

    The old Incredible PBX install allows all GV numbers to ring at the same time including a cell phone that I added as a number to forward GV to (on the GV setup page).

    The new Incredible PBX 2 install answers an incoming GV call immediately, so any additional numbers that I have added to my GV ring group (on the GV setup page) do not ring.

    How can I change this to handle incoming GV calls the same way that the old Incredible PBX does?
  16. Looks pretty good so far, much easier than manually configuring the config files for Google Voice... I had a bit of frustration until I remembered to do an "amportal restart" to get them working. Three Google Voice Lines seem to be working great.... my only concern with them would be if Google made some drastic changes the freepbx module would have to be rewritten and updated as opposed to manually configuring the settings, but then again GV has been stable for a couple of months.

    One thing I did notice when setting up VoIP.ms trunks was there didn't seem to be any templates as referenced in the incrediblefax article a few months back. http://nerdvittles.com/?p=738

    Also in Google Chrome after installing incrediblefax the top row of icons is doubled and the admin button/slide does not work. It looks okay in Internet Explorer.

  17. You will need to allow PIAF to answer the call then in your extension (example 701) configure follow me settings to ring your cell at the same time as your extension, or configure extension 501 which should be in your ringall group to forward to your cell number. I believe this will give you results you are looking for. There are also ways to configure your system to use your GV voice mail if you don't answer, but I haven't played with that in a few month as it was a need of mine.
  18. MisterQ Member

    I am making progress... although not seamless.

    I was getting segmentation faults up the wazoo. . did an update-source and forced it to go to asterisk - that seemed to stop that.

    Got two GV accounts in - just going to set up some extensions, then update freepbx to 2.9, and add a third gv account and then should be rocking and rolling. (then to get faxing working...)
  19. MisterQ Member

    btw status reports for pbx in flash version " Running on *HARDWARE*

    Does this mean it doesn't know or what?
  20. Mine is running on *HARDWARE* but says *VIRTUALIZED* I posted in another thread, PIAF was doing that prior to Incredible PBX install.... doesn't seem to be causing a problem as of now, but I haven't tested extensively.

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