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FOOD FOR THOUGHT Is it common practice to sign away rights for outbound dialing?

Discussion in 'Providers' started by gordon, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. gordon

    gordon Member

    Is it common practice to sign away my rights to dispute charges in order to have outbound dialing?
    Are all providers like this or do I need to find another provider?
  2. lgaetz

    lgaetz Pundit

    Consider only using prepaid VOIP providers, there are lots of them and you don't need to hand over credit info.
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  3. gordon

    gordon Member


    Thank you for the response. That would make me feel better. Can you recommend any for outbound dialing? According to the best practices I am reading I should set up at least two.

  4. lgaetz

    lgaetz Pundit

    I am happy with voip.ms, but you frequently see comments here recommending vitelity, flowroute, others I am forgetting. Lots of recent interest in Anveo Direct. Also know that Vitelity is a supporter of the PIAF project.

    Check out other threads in the providers section of this forum for more reading.
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  5. gordon

    gordon Member

    Will do. Much appreciated.
  6. atsak

    atsak Guru

    This would not be allowed under the agreement they have to provide merchant services. You can, if you like, complain to Visa/Mastercard/AMEX and I'm sure you'll find that language disappear in a few months.

  7. I think a lot of merchants do things that are against Visa/MC/Amex terms of service. Usually, they get away with it, until someone says something.

  8. I'd check out Vitelity and/or Flowroute. Both are very reliable and good quality. Flowroute has a much better web portal and it's easier to manage your account, but, as was mentioned, Vitelity is a supporter of PiaF.
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  9. gordon

    gordon Member

    Thank you Jeff
  10. hbonath

    hbonath Guru

    +1 for Vitelity
    We're a wholesale partner, they've been excellent.
    What I like about them is that with a wholesale account you can separate out international and domestic and keep separate "pools of money" in each account.
    That way if there is an issue where international is overrun, it's at least separated from your main outbound and also you are only at risk for what you have currently deposited.
  11. w1ve

    w1ve Guru

    I use Vitelity, voip.ms, Flowroute and Anveo ... all are prepaid. No issues with any of them for service/billing. I use Flowroute for most of my outbound US traffic (rock solid and populate LIDB (caller name) for DIDs with them), voip.ms for international outbound, voip.ms for great Eastern Canada and local DIDs, and Vitelity for Toll Free DIDs ($0.50/month and 1.9c/minute... pretty darn good.)

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