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QUESTION How do I create custom partitions?

Discussion in 'Help' started by powerontech, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Installing from ISO I don't see any way to create custom partitions. Is there some trick besides customizing the ISO?
  2. rossiv

    rossiv Guru

    Just curious...why? IIRC darmock would be the one to answer this.

  3. Because I want to partition it differently.
  4. darmock

    darmock PIAF Developer

    The simple answer is no. You would have to modify the ISO yourself. Generally the ISO is designed with people who have minimal linux experience and presenting them with all of the options that are available with the Centos 6.4 disk would lead to multiple multiple support issues. Since we don't get paid for support we decided to minimize our problems and limit the choices for virgin PIAFers. This policy allows the PIAF dev team to focus on continuous improvement and updating of the PIAF family of products as opposed to spending our life in front of the computer answering questions about "I cant install PIAF-- make it work or else" or my favorite "why won't your !)$*%!)$#% software install on my IBM 286?" really we did get a flame about that one years ago. We have had any number of requests for extras but when we look at how many people would use them and what would the cost be for us it always comes up as not reasonable. (Cost to us is our time to include something and then support it when someone screws up. Since our only currency is our DONATED time we have decided to be frugal)

    Perhaps if we had better financial support from a wider range of people we could market a PIAF Pro ISO with more install options.... However that smacks of what the greenies did to TB so I doubt that would end well.

    Thanks for your question


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