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GrandStream GXP2000 all phones using line one

Discussion in 'Help' started by imageblur, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. imageblur New Member

    I'm running PBXIAF Purple with four GrandStream GXP-2000 phones.

    When I make a call or have call's coming in, the other phones do not show that line one, two, three, or four is busy or in use (lit up green).

    When I have my front desk answer a call, and put them on hold, I cannot see that line one is on hold.

    If I pick up my hand set and press line one to answer the call on hold it just gives me a dial tone.

    It seems as all of the phones are using line one, and not rolling to lines two, three, or four.

    Is this something configured in the phone or in PBXIAF ??
  2. lgaetz Pundit

    What you are describing is properly called "Shared Line Appearance" (SLA) sometimes called a "Key System". Asterisk does not have this capability but with some effort you can mimic SLA using the parking lot and BLF keys for the parking lot spots.
  3. dad311 Guru

    Asterisk does not work like a traditional key phone system. Line 1 on phone 1 has nothing to-do with Line 1 on phone 2.

    If you want to place a call on hold for another extension to pickup send the call to the parking lot.
  4. dandy_don Member

    I'm currently using 5 of the gxp-2000 phones in my home office and none of them have any these problems and they seem to play very well with PIAF/FreePBX, etc. I've been using them for almost two years now without problem.

    I configured each of these phones manually, and have BLF setup on each extension to show status of the other extensions. I'm able to park calls, retrieve parked calls, etc.

    If I get time I'll take and post snap shots of the various configuration pages...
  5. imageblur New Member

    dandy don

    If you could please do post up some screen shots that would help me so much!
  6. rossiv Guru

    What Dandy Don is referring to is BLF (Busy Lamp Field). You can assign some of the softkeys (programmable - not the line keys) to light up corresponding with another extension's status such as idle, ringing, on hold, in a call, etc. I do that at my house with my phones, but they're not Grandstream. I would assume that you could push the respective button if an extension was ringing to pick up the call, but again, I haven't used a Grandstream with BLF. Keep in mind, though, even if you do pick up the call, you can't put it back on the same "button." It would be technically "transferred" to your phone.
  7. dandy_don Member

    My setups

    I've attached pdf's of the basic setup, advanced settings, and account 1 setup.

    I'm sure these settings could be improved but this is what I use and I'm happy with this setup. Although the phones have provision for multiple accounts, I have not used the other three account setups.

    I hope the attachments are useful.

    Good Luck!

    Attached Files:

  8. imageblur New Member

    Thanks Dandy Don for you guides and also a big THANK YOU to everyone else who helped clarify this matter :)
  9. GSSupport Guru

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