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Discussion in 'Add-On Install Instructions' started by tshif, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. tshif Guru

    Gizmo5 appears to be a VoIP provider - although this is the first time I have paid any attention to them. I was re familiarizing myself with the pain that is TrixBOX - when I saw a module installed that facilitates signup and other aspects of using Gizmo5.

    Well - I mean - I didnt think TrixBOX should have something cool that we don't have. So - I napped it from that install, added a file to make it compatible with more PBX distribution's security models, and rolled in back into a module that should work just fine on our PBXIAF's.



    NOTE: I did not write this module, I don't know anything about how it works. All I did was add security, and re package it so we could all use it too.

    I will post it here - untill somebody tells me it works, or it doesnt work, or DUH Its already available elswhere for us and we dont need it. ;)

    Install and Upgrade
    The installation will take about 10 seconds.

    Upgrading/ Reinstalling should operate normally - however the gizmo5 database will be deleted upon uninstall of this module..

    Step 1: Download the module to your desktop From here.
    Don’t decompress the archive!

    Step 2: Use a web browser to access FreePBX on your PBX. Choose Tools, Module Admin, Upload Module.

    Now, browse to the gizmo5- file on your Desktop and click the Upload button. Now click local module administration, scroll down and click on Gizmo5 Integration - and then the Install radio button.

    Now click Process, and complete the usual FreePBX install and reload process.

    Step 3: Use a web browser to access FreePBX on your PBX. Choose Setup, Gizmo5 Integration.

    You will be presented with first of three user interface screens.

    That's all there is to it. If Gizmo5 makes you thrive, you should be able to proceed with Gizmo-izing your PBXIAF.

    Please remember - I don't gizmo, so I have not tested this. Consider yourself cautioned!

    This module is compatible with the security models used in, and has been tested to work with the following distributions:
    Fonicatec PABX
    PBX In A Flash
    TrixBOX CE

    Asterisk Version Compatibility
    This module has been tested and found to work correctly with Asterisk versions 1.4 and 1.6.


    Don't forget to let us know how this works for you!

    Until next time -
  2. TheShniz Guru

    As someone that has forever ignored the gizmo project (and skype) as pointless... could you explain what attraction there is in using it? $.019 is pretty standard for PPM, if not on the high-side. Just trying to understand...
  3. tshif Guru

    I have no exposure whatsoever to gizmo - so I really cant answer your question. Perhaps they have some unique capabilities - I have no idea.

    The Module is offered in the spirit of "People Like Choices".
  4. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Not that you'd want to necessarily use any of these, but...

    There are a few reasons I can think of for activating a Gizmo account. First, you get free calling to millions of cellphones with their Backdoor Dialing. Second, you get instant connectivity to and from Skype which makes several hundred more million connections available at no cost. And, finally, at least for the moment, Gizmo is the only kid in town with free, SIP connectivity to Google Voice.
  5. tshif Guru

    :thumbsup:Well COOOOOOOL! Now I really wanna know how this module works for anyone who uses it. Be sure and let us know.
  6. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Just tested THE Gizmo5 MODULE on a clean build of PIAF 1.4 with my existing Gizmo account and...


    Heh, heh. Only kidding, Tony. It worked flawlessly! Great work, as usual. :cheers2:
  7. kcallis Member

    Gizmo5 module

    The only issue that I having is that when I use the Tech Check, every thing works nicely, but when I actually try to dial directly (using 9 as the access), I get a message asking to enter my password (or Allison might as for the PIN).
    This has been somewhat perplexing. The other issue that I run into is that when I try to configure the inbound route, as soon as I assign to an extension, and press update inbound route, the brower goes to a blank page and the only way to get back to the administration page is to go back to the root page. Needless to say, the inbound route does not change.
  8. tshif Guru

    kcallis - I'm afraid I don't gizmo - Im hoping other users of the module will chime in and add some info to your situation.

    Has anyone else experienced this situation? Does anyone have thoughts on it?
  9. tshif Guru

    Gizmo5 Module (and other) Developer Support and SVN

    Gizmo5 Module (and other) Developer Support and SVN
    To everyone who has participated as a developer (or even thought about it) for any of our PBXIAF Modules . . . Read On –

    As you may know from reading other posts here, I have been looking for a proper sub version management system to serve as a living workspace for the modules we have developed for PBXIAF/FreePBX. My original plan was to use some existing service – and we vetted several for the projects. But – for a variety of reasons (cost, rules, etc.) – eventually it was decided we would host this service directly.

    The Software Project Management portal is meant and provided for coders/developers, as well as the more technical non-programmer as way to let anyone who wants to, get involved in the development process.

    In addition to being a subversion repository, the site provides a full range of tools to make the distributed development process easier and more effective. Each project is supported by its own dedicated development resources, like A library of builds (Files), Dev Forums, Wiki, and a full range of ticketing from Bug Reporting, to Feature Requests. Road maps are available for most projects.

    At first – I thought that duplicating Forums might not be worthwhile – the forums here are awesome – and we sure don’t want to take anything away from them. However, some times the chit chat between developers can muddy up the waters of the threads – and make information hard to find. So – we offer Development forums for the purpose of keeping some of the creation nuts+bolts discussion from cluttering up the great PBXIAF forums.

    If you’d like to look around, drop by http://projects.colsolgrp.net Guests can look, but not change anything. Once your there, if you’d like to participate in any of the listed public projects – just follow the instructions and sign up. This place was designed with you in mind.

    It's very new - so be nice and keep any [IMG] to a minimum, ok?

    Public unregistered review (our open house period) may eventually be curtailed to registered users only. Please drop by and kick the tires – and see if you might like to hang out and build some stuff with us!

    - Tony
  10. warraich Member

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