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TUTORIAL freevoipdeal.com How to set up this provider? 120 days free international call

Discussion in 'Trunks' started by arztde, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. arztde

    arztde Member


    the provider gives 120 days free landline calls into a lot of countries. Is anyone using it and how i have to set up a drunk and how to dial out? Outbound routes? Extensions?

    thanks for help-
  2. krzykat

    krzykat Guru

    That's a betamax company. They have LOTS of shell companies with different skins and price points. Look up Betamax Voip and you should be able to find how to do it.
  3. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

  4. markieb

    markieb Member

    This is what I have and works perfectly

    Peer Details:
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  5. markieb

    markieb Member

    Just so you know, their entire infrastructure seems to be down at the minute.
    Has been for several hours.
  6. arztde

    arztde Member

    mine was similar and i will try yours
    but major problem seems that the Snom M9 and M9 R gets no sound. Silence in cli seems all ok
    fromuser=xxxxxxx0049and number
  7. markieb

    markieb Member

    As a follow up since wardmundy has written a nice little article over at http://nerdvittles.com/?p=9260

    I have been using Freevoipdeal as well as half a dozen other permutations of their service ie Voipcheap, Rynga, Poivy etc for several years.
    Service levels are reasonably stable most of the time.

    There is NO talking to a human if you have problems.
    Almost all ticket replies are standard canned messages that normally do not answer your question if it's even vaguely non standard.

    They will charge you above their advertised normal price for no reason from time to time for certain calls.
    Simultaneous calls are frowned upon and you will get charged above the normal price for them. They seem to regard simultaneous calls as no domestic use.
    Unreasonable volumes of calls will see you charged as well, this seems to be random, and I've been charged randomly for calls, for making as few as 5 calls in 1 day.
    Don't bother trying to ask why you've been charged, they will say something about fair usage policy and non business use etc. and that's all you will get.

    The small print does mention a 300 minutes a week call limit for free calls.

    Caller ID is unreliable, so don't count on it being correct all the time.
    Call progress tones are not always present, ie. you will not always hear the ringing tone.

    Toll free ie 800 numbers are not free.

    Call quality can range from absolutely 100% perfect to down right awful!

    Like wardmundy says, prices can change a lot, so what's really cheap or free today can change tomorrow with no warning.
    They have many different names as I mentioned at the top of this piece, and the prices will vary greatly between one and the other.

    Don't rely on the price comparisons site Ward mentions in his article, it's seldom correct.

    Though having said that, they've been a very handy and cheap addition to my server and I use them a lot!

    You can get away with a lot with some clever usage of multiple accounts and the trunk balance module :)
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  8. arztde

    arztde Member

    I like wardmundy s article andit was perfect if i live in USA works like a charm. Also his suggestions just toput inside the tables not all countries.
    how the dialplan should look if i live in germany and like to phone to romania or germany and from romania family should phone from there to germany and also romania? Is it possible to add a picture as example? Because very often its difficult to understand correct.

  9. arztde

    arztde Member

    I did find a nice online Resource with a possibilities of International databases

    after registering you got an example maybee its useful for someone of the script gurus to integrade it in freepbx or inside the incredible pbx in a flash. In case that we do not have to do itall the numbers by hand i will for database download like to do a sponsoring. To have all the numbers international inside the database will work great i hope.

    I do not understand their licensing model and ok i do not need in general a monthly update.In Base why not make it by hand? Make a own handbased Database. 1000 users help to build up 10 cases done by each and we have in one day 10000 numbers inside the database
  10. hillclimber

    hillclimber New Member

    CallerID works for me, at freevoipdeal.com. First, using their web portal, you must register each DID you plan to use by actually verifying it is yours to use, by receiving a call and returning a PIN.

    Once you've verified one or more numbers using the portal, you can create a trunk, and in it, include these two lines (using your own verified 10-digit CallerID, of course):

    But I haven't yet figured out how to have two different trunks, with two different DIDs (and dial-plans), using the same freevoipdeal account. Maybe after I rest my brain, but not until then.
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  11. wardmundy

    wardmundy Nerd Uno

    Great tip, hillclimber. We've added it to the Nerd Vittles article as well. Thanks.

    As for using multiple CallerIDs, since you're not registering the trunk, the simple answer is to create multiple trunks (different trunk names) and change the fromuser entry. Then use different dialing prefixes in separate Outbound Routes to identify which trunk and CallerID to use when placing the outbound call. Be advised that placing multiple simultaneous calls through their service will result in per minute charges!
  12. arztde

    arztde Member

    What about to register different Accounts each with 10 Euros charge? Say 3 Accounts with each 10 $ in Minutes this are 3000 Minutes as charge. Under the condition allcall the same time. Is it possible That piaf choose thefirst dial route if no call. If a second call is at the same time Piaf takes the second Outbound route so at least no billing... and and third call same time piaf usethethird account. Number 4 call same time Piaf use the first paid account what means this call will be billed and its just 1 cent per minute and so on...
    It will be perfect if the first account reach the fair free call use of 300 per week this account will be no more used at first place, take the others what have not the 300 Minutes full.
    This is something for intelligent script writers i beleave. Something like this was my idea how to give free calls for different usersfor testing Piaf.
    For this i thought somehow to use the a2billing that there is a little control of the free calls. Not to bill them its more to have a little control for fair use of the testing and demo.Additionali thought about that digital ocean let you use their DNS servers so i like to force them to add the Enum Zones to thei servers or we activate bind nameserver at the piaf servers as will and force the longertime testing users to register with enum.
  13. hillclimber

    hillclimber New Member

    Ward, thank you for answering the part about the trunk registration, which had vexed me earlier. Along with the explanation regarding simultaneous calls, because I was concerned about potentially abusing the termination service, (and then telling everyone on the internet about what I was doing). But yeah, having given some thought to this, and already having DIDs in 3 countries, I figure I might as well configure the server so all calls to each of those 3 countries use the appropriate local DIDs automatically (and then otherwise settle upon a default DID for the rest of the world). At freevoipdeal rates? Cowabunga! OK, I need(ed) to completely re-do the dial-plans as you've explained nicely, on the current server (and test test test, oh joy), but it's worth it.

    Otherwise I'd do what arztde suggests, simply by using multiple pre-paid accounts assigned to separate DIDs and trunks, which seems both technically feasible and well-within the ethics of the terms of service.

    I appreciate the community and software here, and haven't been able to donate cash, so these tips are my sole contribution. The integration (and how-to) with NeoRouter, so I could walk away from %$#@! Hamachi (without additional server resources!) was invaluable to me when it first appeared. FWIW, when/if you update that article, you might point out the difference between the free version of NeoRouter, and the paid version. It wasn't clear to me until I got Deep into the (v)LAN setup that by trying to add a friend to my neorouter network, for remote support purposes, I was giving him, (along with any attacker that compromised his PC), 'rights to attack all the ports on my PC with no external firewall protection', when I only used the free version. If folks want to work with Other People using NeoRouter, they must pony up money. Still, for personal use, the free version is a Deal, and for shared use, the price is quite fair IMHO.
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  14. arztde

    arztde Member

    hillclimber thanks you like my basic idea. In general i am focused for OpenWRT and the TP-Link WR1043nd firmware. I know its not much popular in USA than other routers. It happens a lot of people did ask me for openvpn integration to use it with a VPN provider. I did make some builds and did decide for one that give good support. Incredible PBX is a very nicepeace of software and i understand it fully that its focused mainlyto USA market. On the other side if i bring them new customers to the VPN provider i get a little one time affilate and this i use to try to make such a free service. If i get the system running with german or European needs i will request here for registration page someone to help me to make a nice button page for Donations to the Piaf team. And that i can run the service zero by zero. At the moment my most handycap is the english language to understand the stuff. And for shure i am better than a lot of other people in this.
    Next handycap will hopefully be finished tomorrow when google close the doors.
    For this i did look to find a intermediate solution and did find it with freevoipdeal. Outside USA use is just 5 % now. But with some working together it will grow to 10 % and most important it can you bring new developers with new ideas.
    Some steps to verify my experience. Setup at the Piaf server a bind Nameserver and add Enum Zones to it. Do the same at a second droplet and you will see Enum works like a charm.
    You can do it with the Enum .org or the .arpa zones. But the interesting thing is to set it up with own and hidden zones. in this way you get a intranet secure p2p voicecalls...free of charge.
    The Openfire Server also is nice to play... In the Version incredible PBX offer it as installation looks poor by the plugins... update is realy easy thing but only to version 9.1
    9.2 and 9.3 will not work for webchat.
    after you update to version 9.1 be surprize what have been done in the plugin section... try it.
  15. msatt

    msatt New Member

    I have been using many of the betamax/finarea voip services.
    One thing to be careful about is that while you can set-up multiple accounts with freevoipdeal, the 300 free minutes is associated with 'unique IP addresses'. So you still only get 300 minutes even though you may have multiple trunks on the same server. This used to be a regular problem with users of pbxes.org/pbxes.com.
    Overall the services are Ok - not brilliant. I often see lag messages in asterisk for the trunks.
    CLID only allows for 5 numbers which can be limiting. I do not put 'fromuser' info in the trunks, all my extensions have an OG CLID set which works well.

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