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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting and Fixes' started by wa4zlw, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. wa4zlw Member

    WE had some sort of power outage last night and looks like the UPSes didn't keep everything up. THat might explain why a call via vitelity got rejected. When I tried to login tonight I got this:


    DB Error: connect failed

    Trace Back

    /var/www/html/admin/common/db_connect.php:63 die_freepbx()
    [0]: DB Error: connect failed

    /var/www/html/admin/bootstrap.php:75 require_once()
    [0]: /var/www/html/admin/common/db_connect.php

    /var/www/html/admin/config.php:61 require()
    [0]: /var/www/html/admin/bootstrap.php

    here's what I have:

    PBX in a Flash PURPLE Status Program
    lqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqSYSTEM INFORMATION *VERIFIED*qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqk
    x Asterisk = OFFLINE | Dahdi = ONLINE | MySQL = OFFLINE x
    x SSH = ONLINE | Apache = ONLINE | Iptables = ONLINE x
    x Fail2ban = ONLINE | Internet = ONLINE | Ip6Tables = ONLINE x
    x Disk Free = ADEQUATE| Mem Free = ADEQUATE| NTPD = ONLINE x
    x Postfix = ONLINE | Samba = ONLINE | Webmin = ONLINE x
    x Ethernet0 = ONLINE | Ethernet1 = N/A | Wlan0 = N/A x
    x x
    x PIAF Installed Version = under *HARDWARE* x
    x FreePBX Version = x
    x Running Asterisk Version = UNKNOWN x
    x Asterisk Source Version = x
    x Dahdi Source Version = 2.6.2 x
    x Libpri Source Version = 1.4.12 x
    x IP Address = on eth0 x
    x Operating System = CentOS release 6.4 (Final) x
    x Kernel Version = 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.i686 - 32 Bit x
    x Incredible PBX 3 Version = 3.1.0 x

    root@pbx:~ $
    thoughts? thanks leon
  2. atsak Guru

    Your DB is corrupt :banghead: it would seem, at a minimum, and maybe some of the rest of the hard drive.

    Run fsck first, then do some googling for repairing a MySQL database. You can try service mysqld start as well then log in /var/log/messages to see if you can figure out why it isn't starting or which table is corrupt.

    PS I am not a Linux experts these instructions should be expounded on and perhaps corrected by others.
  3. wa4zlw Member

    i'm definitely not a linux guru...but it makes sense.

    I'm going to try a reboot of the box since stopping and restarting the daemon fails

    root@pbx:~ $ service mysqld start
    Another MySQL daemon already running with the same unix socket.
    Starting mysqld: [FAILED]
    root@pbx:~ $ service mysqld stop
    Stopping mysqld: [ OK ]
    root@pbx:~ $ service mysqld start
    Another MySQL daemon already running with the same unix socket.
    Starting mysqld: [FAILED]
    root@pbx:~ $

    ok that (reboot) failed....:-(
  4. tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    No. Don't just jump to conclusions. You know nothing about his hard drive or system. This is an error with an upstream update from Oracle where-as if there is a power outage mysql doesn't remove the socket file on a reboot from a power outage (or you pulling the plug) and instead thinks it's already running when it's not. This is fixed in the FreePBX distro, but for other distros they will need to just:

    service mysqld stop
    rm -Rf /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
    service mysqld start
    wardmundy likes this.
  5. wa4zlw Member

    Ok thanks I'll try it in the morning

  6. wa4zlw Member

    That works thanks. Is this in new distro?

  7. tm1000 Schmoozecom INC/FreePBX

    As I said. It is not in PIAF. Only the FreePBX Distro

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