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FYI Digium D70 phones

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by edisoninfo, May 22, 2013.

  1. edisoninfo

    edisoninfo Guru

    I am curious what the forum's thoughts are on the D70 phone. I have standardized on the Aastra 57i phone for a long time but am curious if a switch to the D70 is in order. I know at first you had to use a certain version of Asterisk (certified?) to use these phones but it appears the latest versions work fine without jumping through too many hoops. Yes, you install the special module but you get a free license so it's not bad. I realize the phones really shine when connected to their native Switchvox but for standard Asterisk (piaf) installs, with the proper digium module, maybe endpoint manager.....whaddayathink?
  2. malcolmd

    malcolmd Guru

    I think endpoint manager currently configures them as vanilla SIP phones, just using XML configuration, so you miss out on fancy features. I've seen that the roadmap says there are plans to change that in the future.

    If you want something now, we maintain a freepbx addon that configures them using the Digium module, that you can use. Details here:

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