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SUGGESTIONS Cisco phones over VPNs

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by IanWorthington, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know for sure if a Cisco SIP phone will register and work correctly over a vpn to a remote pbx?

  2. dad311 Guru

    Never used a Cisco phone over a VPN, but done properly, the Cisco phone should not know its on a VPN.
  3. atsak Guru

    Which models? The 504, 508 and 525G2 certainly work fine; but VPN should be completely transparent to any phone.
  4. tbrummell Guru

    I use a 7940 & a 7960 over an OpenVPN all day long, works fine. The VPN is transparent to the phone, it doesn't know any better.
  5. 79xx is what they are.

    Thanks tbrummell: that's what I was hoping for but I can't test it for a couple of months and needed to be sure.

    Many thanks all.

  6. tbrummell Guru

    I realized this morning that my point to point VPN links are now IPSec, not OpenVPN. Not that it matters, but I just wanted to be clear. I have used OpenVPN in the past for the point to point stuff, but the "new" firewall at the one end doesn't support OpenVPN and it's not my decision what gets placed there. So...

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