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Cisco 7960

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by jamrod, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. gaijin

    gaijin Guru

    Just a bump for my earlier question about BLF

    how can I get BLF working here with a SIP load?
  2. ksDevGuy

    ksDevGuy Guru

    As soon as Cisco fixes their firmware bugs.

    Technically you can jump through hoops & recompile a number of things to do it (see TrixBox forums somewhere in there, somebody pulled it off - mostly). Otherwise, it's been a feature we Cisco handset lovers have been waiting the better part of a couple years for them to get right in their buggy SIP stack.

    It would seem they shouldn't be far off given the latest loads for the 7975/7965 and the 71/61 series we've seen.

  3. gaijin

    gaijin Guru

    Ok, so it is not anything I am doing wrong?
    I just fugred that in the 7970 there is <featureid>2</featureid> for line
    and both
    <featureid>9</featureid> and
    seem to work for speed dial, just can't find one that does BLF...

    I am seriously considering going to Chan SCCP but from what I have found online there is no support for BLF hints from SIP, SCCP Only. I am not sure if I want SCCP only for my clients.

    Has anyone got the 7914 Side Car working with SCCP? Can it see SIP Blf hints?
  4. ksDevGuy

    ksDevGuy Guru

  5. gaijin

    gaijin Guru

    Thanks for that

    I read that thread as part of my research :) Thanks for that, you are the guru!

    It is only just that I had read at voip-info that it would only display BLF hints from other SCCP extensions and I was not sure about SIP extensions.

    I was just hoping to clear that up, becuase we have a mix of SNOM, Polycom, AASTRA and cisco phones.
  6. krzykat

    krzykat Guru

    So the Cisco 79xx series doesn't really support BLF in SIP ?

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