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Choosing trunk

Discussion in 'Help' started by bigtalker, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. bigtalker Member

    Using FreePbx 2.5, Asterisk 1.4.21

    I have a trunk that specifies an unique caller-id. I can use this trunk by prepending 7 to the dialed number.
    How can I force a specific number (571-xxx-yyyy) to automatically use this trunk without prepending 7?

    Thanks in advance
  2. blanchae Guru

    7|xxxx does a dial 7 then output the remaining 4 digits (minus the 7). You could make another outbound route and use 571xxxyyyy for the dial pattern and then select the trunk. Or you could select xxxyyyy for the dial pattern and add the prefix 571.
  3. bigtalker Member

    Not quite...I want to dial 571-xxx-yyyy and have 7571xxxyyyy generated.

    I want to have 7 prepended when I dial specific number (571-xxx-yyyy)

  4. rossiv Guru

    Then do 7+571XXXXXXX
  5. jeffmac Guru

    Really? It sounds like what you want is to dial the number WITHOUT the 7 prefix, and have trunk selection happen.

    You don't really want the 7 "dialed" as part of the number do you?

    If you just want to dial the 10 digit number and have it go out a specific trunk, then create an outbound route with the number you want to dial in the match pattern, and place the route ABOVE any other route that would get selected for that pattern (Like above something that has NXXNXXXXXX).

    The you can forget about the 7. As I read what you've said you're just using the 7 for trunk selection. That's great for forcing the trunk selection, but you don't want you general users to remember it.

    As I said, put the simpler match "higher" in the outbound route list so that it matches that one dial pattern before anything else. (if there's just ONE number that you care about you can put the whole thing in the match pattern and thats the ONLY thing that will match that outbound route.)


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