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CallerID with Google Voice

Discussion in 'Help' started by dennis, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. dennis New Member

    Yesterday, my main GV account is suddenly no longer sending the callerid but rather appears as Unknown to the phones I try to call. Has anyone experience this before? My GV2 account is fine.

    Also, using my android phone + GV works fine.

  2. pariax New Member

    I've had PIAF purple working with Google Voice for awhile now, but noticed that just yesterday or today that they stopped passing caller ID info. Now outbound calls present as "unknown" instead of passing the DID associated with the GV trunk.

    Anybody else notice this? Hard coding the GV number into the trunk CID settings and setting force trunk CID does nothing. It appears that Google changed something server side.
  3. naburleson New Member

    Yeah same here no callerID
  4. wardmundy Nerd Uno

    This appears to be a problem only with the older Google Voice implementation. Still works fine with Incredible PBX 1.8 using Gtalk.
  5. naburleson New Member

    I just installed the new PIAF iso two weeks ago, so I don't think I'm using the older one.
  6. pariax New Member


    I'm having the exact same problem. Seems to have started 2 days ago. Trying to force the CID at the trunk level does not work.

    Any ideas anybody?
  7. pariax New Member

    Ward I'm using Incredible PBX 1.8 and Gtalk and am indeed having this issue as of 2 days ago.

    I installed PIAF "purple" and then Incredible 1.8 (./incrediblepbx18.x). My version strings in Status are as follows:

    PIAF Purple v1.7.9
    PIAF Ver:
    Asterisk Src Ver

    Any ideas? Thx

    My status screen shows:
    PBIAF Purple v1.7.9
  8. Just so you know, this is also affecting some Obihai device users. Here are some other threads I have encountered on the issue:



    (I have posted a link from the above two back to this thread to try to help convince a few people that this is not an Obihai device issue :banghead:)



    I would strongly suggest that anyone having this issue post in one of the last two threads (on google.com) - if they see that several people are having this issue, maybe they will fix it sometime before the next blue moon.

    Also, it might be helpful if those having this issue would post the area code and first three digits of their Google Voice numbers. The probably seems to be affecting only a fraction of Google Voice users and I am wondering if it's only affecting numbers belonging to a particular CLEC, or those in a particular region or something of that nature. I can say that so far I've not seen any reports of this issue affecting Michigan numbers, so I suspect there is a geographic and/or carrier component to this problem.
  9. tiggerpaws Member

    Kludge fix

    For now, I am dialling my own GV number and then using the "press 2 to make a call" and then dialling it that way and it seems to pass your GV caller ID, but in the calling records it does not say the actual # you are dialling just that you dialled your GV number for X amount of minutes. But, it will do for me, for now. I'd also like to hear any news. 316-742-XXXX

  10. fmood123 New Member

  11. naburleson New Member

    CallerID is working again!!
  12. tiggerpaws Member

    What file do you paste that in? gtalk.conf ????
  13. naburleson New Member

    Google must of fixed something on their end.

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