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QUESTION BLF button for *80+EXT

Discussion in 'Developers' Corner' started by SteveS, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. SteveS New Member

    It would be great if you were able to program buttons on phones as BLF and use *80701 as the ext instead of just 701. That way that button could be a BLF and a auto dial button to voice over intercom to 701. As an alternative it would be equally useful to be able to program *80 onto a button (setup as a Voice Over Intercom button) and then press an existing button programmed for BLF to ext 701, so if you wanting to ring the phone just press the BLF/Auto dial button, if you want to voice over intercom the phone you would press the voice over (*80) button then the BLF/Auto dial button. Can anything like this be achieved now?
  2. nicknomo Happy-IT-Guy

    I've done the second option with my Yealink phones. Using the "prefix" option, I can assign a button to do *80 and wait for me to hit a BLF, or dial the number myself. The button is labelled "Intercom", and I hit Intercom + Jen, and it connects me via intercom. Of course, your phone has to support such a feature.

    The endpoints forum would probably be a better place to ask in regards to how to do this on your phones:
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  3. DaveDog Member

    same here!
  4. lgaetz Pundit

    Easy. In the file, /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf in the context [from-internal-custom], you want to add a line like this:
    [from-internal-custom]   ; check to ensure this line doesn't already exist before creating
    exten => *80107,hint,SIP/107&Custom:DND107
    Reload the dial plan, and now whenever extension 107 is busy, a hint will also be created for *80107. Add a similar line for each extension you need. Note that if you change the *80 prefix within FreePBX, you have to manually edit this file again to fix the hints.
    Last edited by lgaetz, Apr 8, 2014
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  5. SteveS New Member

    Thanks nicknomo, I have Yealink phones at one site!
  6. SteveS New Member

    lgaetz you are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all you help.
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