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QUESTION Any flowroute customers using their CNAM function?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by AndyInNYC, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. AndyInNYC

    AndyInNYC Active Member

    I'm using the once 'built into' PIAF. Not sure if they have better/proprietary sources or if they are just (essentially) using the same functions we are.

    So, if anyone has experience yet - it's $.0039/call - I'd appreciate hearing. The add-on price isn't bothersome, I just don't want to create any problems on the PIAF side or if it adds no value given how PIAF already pulls caller-id.


  2. atsak

    atsak Guru

    The CNAM dip offered by carriers (flowroute, any of them) plug into a real database that the Telco's all participate in to update CID information (I think it's called the LIDB; can't remember). Depending on the calls you get, you may prefer OpenCNAM, which should give you very good caller ID info, or you can also look at bulkvs.com which I think is a flat rate of $1 a month or something like that.
  3. jeff.h

    jeff.h Guru

    I have been with Flowroute for a few years now and when I started with them they did not offer CNAM delivery on inbound calls. I set everything up to use CID Superfecta with Superfecta Cache, OpenCNAM and Bulk CNAM in that order and every thing else disabled. It's been working excellent for several years now.

    That being said, I tried using Flowroute's CNAM last year when they started offering and I never had any luck with it actually passing me CNAM info, so I stopped using it.
  4. envisean

    envisean New Member

    Just to be sure, we went back and tested our CNAM with Asterisk based systems and found no issues. Of course, there are a few wrenches that could fall into the works. Some third party CNAM providers pull data from non-definitive sources, which will occasionally return caller-ID name on numbers that don't have an LIDB CNAM value. And Of course, not all callers are going to have CNAM stored on their service (especially in the new world of VoIP).

    jeff.h, your issue might have been interference from other modules overwriting the CNAM value delivered in our calls, or possibly obstruction from residual left by the other services you disconnected. We've seen both of those issues. Would you mind posting your config, so I can take a look? If you'd like to contact our support team, we can help troubleshoot.
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  5. jeff.h

    jeff.h Guru

    Thanks for the offer Sean, but my current setup is much more cost effective and working great. If I ever have the need to have you guys provide the inbound CID I'll get your support involved. I should also mention that I had tried it on a brand new fresh install of PIAF at the time and had no other third party modules installed. That all being said, it's been over a year since I last tried it and it might work now, but it would actually be more expensive for me to switch at this time.

    Other than that, the services have been outstanding.

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