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TIPS Aastra missed calls list

Discussion in 'Endpoints' started by ben, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. ben

    ben New Member


    I'm sure I've seen this question addressed on the forum before, but can't find it...

    When calls come through to our Aastra 51i and 57i phones, the Missed Calls count on the screen is incremented even if the calls are answered. Surely this should only happen if the call is not answered?

    Short of switching off missed calls display entirely (in aastra.cfg) does anyone have any idea how I can get this feature to work as one would expect?

  2. jroper

    jroper Guru

    This was covered a day or so ago on the forums.

    The missed calls is generated by the phone, not the PBX, so when say 2 phones in a ring group ring at the same time, and one picks up, the phone that was not answered records a missed call, because as far as it is concerned, that's what's happened.

    Personally, I turn off the missed calls and never mention it.

  3. ben

    ben New Member

    Despite searching I can't find that article!

    I've narrowed down the problem though - it happens if someone does an attended transfer to another extension, but then hangs up before the recipient answers the call. Technically the internal call was missed...

    The solution is simple: use blind transfer :)
  4. jroper

    jroper Guru

  5. Disable Missed Calls

    Add the following code to your aastra.cfg file

    missed calls indicator disabled: 1
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  6. TomS

    TomS Guru


    Thanks for the tip.
    The missed calls indicator is off and I like it.
  7. kdaffef02

    kdaffef02 Member

    thank you a lot, this helps me as i do not use missed calls :clap:
    I have to add it to xxxxxxxxxxxx.cfg for phones to make that working

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